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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally, A Blog Post

I am sorry I have been MIA, been busy but couldn't tell you one certain thing that has kept me on the go.....just life I guess. Last week I had to work at the Antique Mall in Spooner on Monday and Tuesday. Then came back to Rapids for one day, then Brent and I headed back to Spooner on Friday so we could spend Easter with our family. We had an awesome time at home, we LOVE being with family!!!!! Brent met with some of our contractors and the plan is to start digging our basement for our new house on Saturday, April 17th....YES!!!!! Be prepared for lots of pictures!!!! We both are so excited to start this new adventure!!!!!

I am still going strong on Nutrisystem and still lovin it!!!!! Last Friday it was 3 weeks since I started and I have lost 8 pounds. I weigh myself once a week so I will keep you posted. I did really good Easter weekend. No chocolate bunnies, choc eggs, jelly beans, malted choc eggs....ect. I didn't even want any of them!!!!! After church on Sunday, we went to a brunch buffet and I stayed on program and had only what I was allowed to have. It was so cool because I didn't even want any of the other stuff. Nutrisystem is not only keeping my portions controlled, but also changing some very bad habits and also the way I think about food.

Last week, I finish up a few prim door dolls gals. These little gals are all dressed up in pastel colors, ready to welcome in our beloved SPRING!!!!!

These little gals look nice sitting on shelf/cupboard or nestled in a bowl or crock. I LOVE the pastel colors!!!

I also added new items to my booth at the Red Door Antique Mall in Spooner, WI. I LOVED the flag pillows and also the picture of the children saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Booth is FULL!!!!

I changed out one of my display pieces. The piece I added is bigger so it gives me more room for all my goodies.

Well, that is about it for now. I hope you all had a BLESSED Easter. We all need to remember EVERYDAY what our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. He saved us from our sins and for that I am forever grateful!!!!

JESUS SAVES!!!!!! Rhonda


upnorth said...

So fun to see you! The girls are so sweet! See you soon and keep up the good work! Earl

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