My Weight Loss Journey

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Girl

I can't believe it's already, where does the weeks go. Today marks day 14 of my Nutrisystem journey. I have not weighed myself yet this week....I do not get on the scale very much, I think it's best for right now. I feel so much better and last night my husband told me he can tell I have lost weight...what a sweetie!!!! I am going to keep on keepin on and I know I will not be disappointed.

I finished up a few items this week and headed them over to Country Freckles. I had made some of these pinkeeps for my booth in Spooner and also wanted to put some in Country Freckles. They are fun to make and I really like the glass bottom.

I also finished up this little cutie. I named her Fertile Myrtle, she is a busy mama. She can hang off a hook or sit on a cupboard.

Mama and all her babies

Fertile Mrytel


As promised, here are some pictures of some of the new goodies Joni got on our trip to Market in Columbus, Ohio. Joni worked very hard getting all her new items arranged just right in her store. She did a wonderful job and her store looks AWESOME!!! My pictures do not do it justice that's for sure.

Her new make-do chairs

This is a mustard chair, the fabric is soooo awesome!!!


The grouping

Another make-do chair

Her rooms are full of goodies

I love this is made out of an old headboard

This is one of my favorite benches


Spring is all the colorful flowers!!!!!

I am leaving on Sunday for Spooner, I have to work at the Antique Mall on Monday and Tuesday. I am so ready to make a trip home.....very homesick!!!! But for today, I am going to clean up around here a bit and then head to my sewing room to get some things finished up.

Have a BLESSED weekend everyone.....Rhonda

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 11 On Nutrisystem

Sorry I have been MIA lately, the days just seem to slip away. I debated with myself whether I would share this Nutrisystem journey here on my blog but have decided that I will because maybe it might help others who are at the crossroads of life to either give up and let the weight pile on or take a stand and get control of situation.

I have known that I have needed to get control of myself for a while now. Before we moved here to Rapids things were kinda slipping out of control....but since we moved to Rapids a year and a half ago I have gain 14 pds, NOT GOOD. I am sure all this change is part of the problem but I think eating for comfort is the real culprit.

I talked it over with my husband before I ordered Nutrisystem making sure he would support me in this journey as far as cooking for himself for awhile and such and he totally understood has been wonderful!!!!! My husband is a skinny minny but since we moved here, he has also put on a few pds around the middle and is working on getting that off also. He runs on the treadmill every morning at 5:30am before he gets ready for work and watches what he eats. He has lost 7 pounds, I am proud of him!!!

I do have to say that what really got me thinking about stepping onto this health train was my daughter Alyssa's Christmas gift to me this year. I mentioned it a couple posts back. Alyssa signed me up for a 5K Marathon on May 1st in La Crosse, WI so I have been training and trying to build up some stamina for the race. I started running/walking on the treadmill about 2 months ago and am slowly making progress. I felt that while I am trying to get healthy, why not go to the root of the unhealthy food choices and the extra weight.

So here I am today, on day 11 of my Nutrisystem journey. I have lost 6 pds and 5 inches so far. I DO NOT plan on being on this forever....I have NEVER been one to eat pre-boxed meals. But for now, it is working and helping me get myself under control. Nutrisystem has a wonderful online support system that has really helped is nice to talk to others who have also decided to take this same journey. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

My Nutrisystem foods placed for easy access so I can just grab and go...mmmmmmm

All in all the food has been pretty good. There are a few entrees that I DO NOT like and will not have those items included in my next order. The desserts are delicious and really help to keep me on program...I feel like I am still getting a treat but without the guilt.

Marie Osmond really inspired me to try Nutrisystem.....she is an amazing person and I would LOVE to see her perform sometime. If anyone has any questions for me about Nutrisystem or anything...please feel free to ask!!!!


About the Columbus, Ohio Market show....we had a blast!!!! It was a LONG drive and we crammed a lot of things to do in a very short time but it was very productive. But because we were literally on a dead run the whole time, I didn't take one picture...I could not believe that, my camera never made it out of my bag once, I'm slippin!!!!!

Joni has been very busy re-arranging and adding her purchases to the store. It am going to Country Freckles tomorrow and will take pictures to show you all some of the cool goodies she picked up. Until then....Blessings everyone....Rhonda

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heading To Columbus, Ohio Today

I am leaving for Columbus, OH today. Joni, I and Lisa are going to market....can't wait. I am sure we will come back with a lot of goodies.

When I get back, I am going to make up some more of these little cuties. I made him last week and when we were in Spooner over the weekend, I put him in by booth at the antique mall.

I made him out of an old table cloth...I love the colors

We came home special last weekend to staked out the house. I LOVE the spot and am excited to get started.

A view from where the dining room is going to be.

The walkout basement

I hope you all will not get sick of seeing the house pictures, I am sure there will be plenty of them until it gets done:). Well, I am off to get packed for the trip. I will post when I get back.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

What a wonderful time I had when I went home to Spooner, it was so nice to spend time with family and friends but I was on a dead run the whole time trying to fit everything in. I arrived in Spooner 5 pm Wednesday...just in time for my chiropractor appointment. I LOVE my chiropractor, Dr. Larson, I have been going to him for 20 years and he always makes me feel better. I tried to find someone around here in Rapids for emergencies but when I check around, they wanted $300 to get started, that's just nuts. I decided to always get an adjustment from Dr. Larson when I go home whether I need to or not :)

On Thursday, I went to Hayward to spend the day with my Mom. We decided to go to lunch at the Casino and have their lunch buffet. After we ate, we made the plan that we would each play $10 and then leave. Mom was playing her $10 in a quarter machine, I decided I would play my $10 in a dollar machine. I told Mom I would be right back after I loose my $10 which wouldn't take long. I walked around, picked out a machine put my first dollar in and won $240. I cashed it out and ran over to my Mom with my winnings....I was gone maybe 2 minutes, now that's the way to do it. My Mom was not so lucky, she lost her $10 and then we left. I am not a big gambler, I maybe go to the Casino 2 times a year if that. But I have learned if you do get lucky enough to win cash out and LEAVE!!!!! After the Casino, Mom and I headed to town to do some shopping and then I had to beat feet to Rice Lake for a massage appointment. My girlfriend, Shannon, has been giving me massages for about 20 years also. I go to her when my neck or hips start acting up...and for some reason, this winter my neck has been stiffer then a board. She has really helped me with this and I am SOOOOO glad I have her, she is a miracle worker!!!!!

On Friday, my family and I went to my Uncle Lavern's funeral. He was 89 years old and was my Dad's oldest brother, my Dad was the baby of the family. There were 13 kids in my Dad's family and now there are only 4 left, very sad. My Dad died of Leukemia 12 years ago....he was only 58 years old. I miss him and love him very much. He would have loved to see us building our new house this summer. He would have been over checking things out daily I am sure of that.

Friday night we all went out for fish fry at our favorite restaurant "Pair O' Lakes", it was delicious!!!! Pair O' Lake is where Brent and I went for our first date and also I worked there as a waitress for about a year and my Mom's band played there for dances on Saturday nights for about 15 years so Pair O' Lakes has a lot of history for us all.


I came back to Rapids on Sunday, my husband was going stir crazy sitting here in the flipper alone. He had an awesome dinner waiting for me when I arrived back here. He got on the Food Network site and found a recipe from Paula Dean for Fajitas click on the link and try them they were excellent!!!! He is so cute, he was such a busy boy running around the kitchen...I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!!!!!

Well, it is now Wednesday and I have been back to work creating and cleaning. Above is a prim pinkeep I made yesterday. I have to put the finishing touches on it but all in all it is finished and I love it!!!!

I finished this the other night...I never make anything for myself but just got in the mood to do so. I loved this little gal and decided to stitch my business name in her it, just have to get it framed up.

Yesterday I pretty much spent all day cleaning and organizing my work space. WOW, things were totally out of control. I told my husband last week, I was spending more time looking for things then working...time to deal with that problem because I was starting to get frustrated.

Organized my shelves and fabrics, now at least I can find something :) What a good feeling!!!!


A few pictures of my re-organized booth at the Antique Mall In Spooner

I had to work at the Mall on Saturday, I learned a very valuable lesson that day. I cannot work on my booth while I am working. We were SOOOO busy and it is hard to help customers and organize my booth. My booth spent most of the day out of commission because I had it all torn apart most of the day.

Finally finished, I didn't think I would get everything in my space...but I did :)

My sister came home for our uncle's funeral so it was so nice to get to spend time with her while I was home. She also brought some prim bunnies she had finished up last week. It is so nice to be able to share this prim journey with her. She also helped me on Saturday for a couple hours while I worked at the Mall, I appreciated that very much!!!!

Added a few more items to the bench. My sister made the cool rooster....LOVE IT!!!!

My sister's cats on them!!!!


More goodies

A chair FULL of goodies

I LOVE this display.

And last but not least.....a look at one of my girlfriends very FULL displays.

As you can see, I have had a VERY busy week :) Stop over to Leslies blog and share with us what you have been up to. Have a Blessed day everyone...Rhonda

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I am heading home to Spooner today. I have to work at the Antique Mall on Friday and Saturday which will be interesting because it has been a month since I have worked there....hope I remember how:) My sister is also making a trip home, so I will get to spend some time with her which will be awesome. It is my daughter Kara's birthday on Sunday and it was my son Kasey's birthday on Monday. So I plan on making them a birthday dinner so we can celebrate their birthday's together. I can not believe that they are 31 and the heck did that happen?????? It seems like just yesterday they were my little babies :(

The girls sitting on top of the stove drying after going through the grunged up process.

I have been busy sewing, cleaning and packing this week. But I did take sometime to do a photo shoot of the girls I whipped up. I kinda made them up as I went along and was very happy with the final result.

After they were all dry, I packed them up and headed them off to Country Freckles. These pictures were taken at Joni's shop, "Country Freckles".

I named her Clara, she is all ready to go to her new home.

And here is the other little gal (Clara)...I love the way her face turned out, so sweet.

I put an apron on her for a different look.

My Grandson Noah

Saturday was my husbands birthday, "Happy Birthday Sweetie" you are now the big 44. We celebrated his birthday by making a lobster and steak dinner in the afternoon, he loved it!!! It is soooo much cheaper to stay home and cook rather then to go out to a restaurant and spend money on food that sometimes is good...but most of the time is not!!!! Especially around Rapids here....we have yet to find a good place to go out to dinner, I think we have given up on looking!!!! But anyway, in the morning we were able to spend sometime with our grandson Noah. He is 4 and is such a precious little guy. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with him!!!!!

I will leave you with a picture of Joni's new family member. Her name is Faith Marie and she is a little doll. She spends the day with Joni at Country Freckles and gets lots of love from Joni and all her costumers.

Well, I better get crackin...I have lots to do before I can hit the road. I will fill you in on all the excitement of the weekend when I come back to Rapids on Sunday. Visit Leslie's blog and let us know what you have been up to.....Have a blessed day everyone....Rhonda