My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Man, Where Do I Start????

As I reflex back on last week it really is a blur but my first week of school is in the books and my head is still spinning. The first day was pretty much signing endless amounts of papers stating we understood this and that. We got homework right away in every class. One of the classes is an online class which is fine but it took me 2 days to learn how to use the online site which is called blackboard. Thank God I have made a friend in class who has taken online classes before so she helped me muddle my way through blackboard and taught me how to understand somewhat of how blackboard works, (thanks Lindsey)!!!! The online class is on Tuesdays, so Tuesdays I don't have to be at school until 2pm which is sooooooooooooo nice...(that will enable me to hopefully keep my blog updated otherwise, I am doing homework pretty much until I go to bed at night which does not leave me anytime for blogging).

All the teachers are very nice and helpful., do they cover a lot of information FAST and FURIOUS!!!!!!!!! I KNOW I will get used to the pace but until then, I am trying to keep my head in the game and keep up. I have been able to get all my homework done on schedule but there is always a new chapter waiting in the wings with a new sure does not leave any time for primin. I am hoping after this first nine weeks is over (which is when the homework load is the strongest) things will slow down a bit so I can make some Christmas items for our craft show in November.

House Progress

To top it all off, we went home last weekend because we have to keep the house progress mov'in along. We picked out our paint colors for each room and this coming weekend, we will be going home to paint up a storm. We have to get the whole interior of the house painted and ready for the next step which will be my husband laying our maple floors. We will have 3 days to paint because of Labor Day, the extra day will be nice........we will certainly need it!!!!!!

Dry Walling almost looks like a real house now:)

A view of the kitchen and dining it!!!!

Our bedroom.

Our bathroom.

And here are our color choices. Of course there is one color choice per swatch but it would take me too long to point out which color we chose from each swatch will have to tune in next week when I update my blog because I will have pictures of our finished painting project.

School Daze

I took a few pictures I would like to share with you from last first week of school.

My mom was not here to take my first day of school picture so I had to take it myself, lol. So here I was just before I left for my first day of school. Sorry, I know it's cheezy but I wanted it to remember how I looked my first day....hopefully I won't have blue or pink hair before this is all over with. My goal is to say "NO" but you never know???????

On Friday, we starting learning how to wrap a perm. I really liked it!!!!!! I am going to LOVE the hands-on....the homework...not so much!!!!!! Here is a picture of my mannequin head...not bad for my first try.

This Friday we are going learn the rest of the wrapping process....can't wait.

In haircutting class we learned sectioning for a blunt cut which we will be doing on Thursday.....I had taken my sections down here but took a pic of my gal anyway just for the heck of it.

Here is a picture of where I sit and who I sit by. Where the blond mannequin head is is where my desk it. Jessica and Lindsey are in the back ground.

An here is some mannequin heads all lined up ready for whatever is in store for them.

Well, that's about it for now. As you can see I will be very busy this Fall between school, going home to work on the house and trying to fit in primin I will probably be meeting myself coming and going. Speaking of busy, I better get going and start my on-line class for this week....I have A LOT to do. Have a great week everyone.....Blessings, Rhonda

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tommorow Is My First Day Of School

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile, I really have no excuses except to say that it's been a very, very busy couple weeks. Last Monday was orientation for school, it was weird to actually be in the classroom...I had to pinch myself that's for sure when I was sitting at my desk. I also had to inventory all my kits for school which was pretty overwhelming, but I am so glad I got that out of the way, it will make tomorrow go much smoother I hope. But anyway, I am now the proud owner of a many scissors and clippers and everything that goes with doing hair....I just need to learn how to use it all:)

Also last week, Joni, Lisa and I headed to Columbus, OH to go to Market for Joni's store. WOW, is all I can say....we came home with a trailer FULL of goodies for the store and also had a wonderful time together, it is always exhausting going to Market but very worth it.

We stopped at many Antique shops along the way. I did snap a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces of furniture....they were so cool!!!!! But I didn't get any pictures of us....not sure why, I guess we were just too busy running our butts off most of the time.

I LOVED this little prim beauty.

This box caught my prim!!!!

I thought his was a very cleaver idea....turning an old set of steps into display shelves.

Another nice piece.

And last but not least, I loved this little hanging cabinet.

Well for now, my fun is over for a will have to come first before play. That is way I was so happy that I got to go on the Columbus, OH trip with Joni and Lisa, thanks girls for the fun guys are the best!!!!!!

I am hoping to be able to still work on my prims for our craft show in Spooner this November......I will be working on them at night which will be o:k as long as my homework is done. I am sure it will take a little time to learn how to juggle everything, but I am determined to make it happen because I LOVE sewing's my therapy:)

This is where I will be spending MOST of my time for a while, I still can't believe I am really going to school....woohoo!!!!!! I am also starting back on my Nutrisystem tomorrow, I took at break for a couple weeks but am anxious to get back on it. I am pretty much maintaining my weight loss but want to finish and reach my goal soon. I would like to say thank you to the nice lady that came up to me in Columbus while we were at market and congratulated me on my weight loss, that was sooo cool (she must read my blog). I guess it is a small world and even smaller in blog world, I really could not believe she recognized me. Anyway, I was on the phone at the time and didn't get to talk to her but wanted her to know that I appreciated her encouragement, it means a lot to me.

Well, I better get to bed. Tomorrow is my first day of school and I am sure I will need all the rest I can get tonight. I will keep you all posted on how my first day goes....wish my luck:)

Blessings, Rhonda

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This And That

Another week has come and gone and it is down to one week left of summer for me and a short one at that. Monday I have to be at school at 9am for orientation. There, I will find out much needed details about the Cosmetology program like.....where to show up the first day and just mainly what to expect as I start this new journey. Thursday I have to go to Stevens Point and pick up one of my kits for the class and then Friday we are going to be inventorying all our kits and products needed to start school. Friday will count as 4 hours towards our 1,800 hours needed to graduate. And then Monday, August 23rd is my official first day of school. No more sleeping in for more leisure time for awhile and prim'in will probably only be done on weekends or night. It will be school from 8-4 Monday thru Friday and homework I am sure in the evenings. I am sure there will be times when I say to myself "what have you done!!!!!" But I need to keep my eye on the prize and keep moving forward toward my goal which is to graduate and get to work.

Last Monday, I had to go and pay for my 1st semester and buy my books. I met some of the teachers.....they are all very nice and I am looking forward to learning from them all. So life is about to change for me again but I am ready for it and excited to get started.

In the meantime, I have been working on prims and Brent and I also have been working on our house on weekends when we can go home to Spooner.

My Booth At The Antique Mall
When we went home last weekend, Brent worked on the house but I had to work at the Antique Mall, we were VERY busy on Saturday which made the day go by real fast. I added a few Fall items to my booth. I had brought some pumpkins a couple weeks ago and they sold right hopefully these do to. We are heading home to Spooner this Saturday so I am going to bring a load for vintage kitchen items to add to my booth this time. I have been hitting a few garage sales lately and have found some pretty cool vintage pieces. Actually, when I get done with this post, I am heading out to garage sale for the morning....I have found that keeping my booth well stocked has turned into another full-time job. I am planning on keeping my booth while I go to school....hopefully I can do them both.

Here is a little pumpkin man ready for Fall.....cute!!!!!

Some of my x-large them!!!!

A full view of my looks full but there is plenty of room for more items:)

A look at other booths in the Mall

I took some pictures of some of the other booths in the Mall to share with you all. This booth belongs to a couple who gets most of their items from Switzerland. Her boyfriend works there and shops on his down time for antiques.

One of their prim cupboards

Here is my girlfriends Rox's booth. She has so many goodies and does such a good job of displaying everything.

More of Rox's booth.

A full-view of Rox's booth...this is just one of her's she has 2 booths at the Mall.

And I am not sure whose this is but I love the crocks and bowls.

Love this too!!!

House Progress

Brent finished up the insulating this weekend...what a job!!!! It was SOOO hot in there but he kept on working and got is all done and ready to sheet rock. My mom and step-dad came down on Sunday so Ray could help Brent finish up putting plastic up in the basement....thank you Ray we appreciated it so much!!!!!

A view of the upstairs insulated and ready for the sheet rock.

Our fireplace was installed last week...LOVE IT!!!! It is a high efficiency wood fireplace. It will keep us nice and warm in the winter and is a nice focal point in the living room.

The front door also was installed last week. I LOVE the arch, we are going to stain it dark, it will look rich and welcoming.

A closer look at our front door.

A look from the inside of our door.

Here is a view of the living room. There are also two bedrooms and a bathroom in the distance.

Our whirlpool tub was put in the bathroom, love it!!! Going to spend some relaxing time in this someday!!!!

Whirlpool tub.

A view of the our bathroom.

And here is a view standing in our bedroom, you can get a little idea on how the house lays out here. When we go home Saturday, we will walk into a fully sheet rocked house...can't wait.

The room to the left is our dining it!!!

Kara and Trav's Garden
Kara and Trav's garden is producing veggies for us all. Brent and I have enjoyed green beans and cucumbers for weeks now. They are also going to have pumpkins and squash this is one coming along nicely.

A view of the garden....thanks Kara and Trav for sharing all your goodies with us, we have enjoyed all the veggies so much!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I am going to hit the garage sales...have a great weekend everyone. Blessings, Rhonda

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Quick Catch Up Post

Yes, I am still alive....but I have been busier then a cat covering you know what in a wind storm. I spent last week in Spooner, Brent came on Friday after work and we spent the weekend working on the house. Brent got the whole upstairs and part of the basement and garage insulated...what a job!!! We are going back to Spooner this weekend to finish up and then the sheet rockers will hang the sheet rock the week of the 16th...things are progressing!!!!!

This week I have been on a dead run sewing, stuffing and painting Fall prims. I have been trying to get Fall items made for my booth and also for Country Freckles, I am pretty pleased with what I got done so far. But my house is a total mess because I have not taken time to clean this week...oh well that's life.

A Weeks Worth Of Prim'in

This little guy has a cut out face....I put a light in him and he really glows and is ready for Halloween!!!

I have never made ghosts before or have I ever been the ghost type. I decided to whip some up and give them a try....I think these guys turned out pretty so cute!!!!!

Multi-sizes of em!!!!

I really love the colors.

I made up some x-large pumpkins and I really like them.

My newest husband didn't know what I was ever going to do with this barb-wire when I asked him to grab some for me because they were throwing it away at the marsh after taking down a old fence line. Well, he got a close up and personal look.....he had to helped me form these wreaths because they were kinda tricky and very picky.

This little pumpkin guy is adorable.

Weekend In Spooner


We got a good start on the insulating....when I say we, I mean Brent. I swept and tried to keep things cleaned up which he says was a big help but I don't know, I think he was just being nice. I am very allergic to insulation so that is about all I could do to help.

I brought Carson over to the house to check things out....he was playing peek-a-boo with me precious!!!!

We brought Grandpa Brent some supper Saturday night.....Carson was Granny's little helper, I enjoy any time I can spent with this little guy....he is so0000 precious and loves to make people laugh!!!!!

We relaxed around the campfire on Saturday night for a while....poor Brent didn't get to, he worked on the house until 11 pm.....he is such a trooper.

Here is Carson eating a s'more at the campfire.

What a little cutie!!!!!!!

All smiles and ready for a wet wipe.

Well, that's it for now, I am skipping weigh-in Friday this week because I have been taking a little break from NS until I start school which will be on August 23rd, I can't believe I am actually going and it is so close to start time!!!!!!! Until next time everyone, have a great weekend.....God Bless, Rhonda