My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm back And Ready To Blog!!!!!

I finally have internet and am so happy!!!! Life has been good but very busy. I have been trying to unpack boxes, organize the house and get ready for one of my many garage sales I am planning for this summer. I will have to say, that the unpacking is overwhelming and going very slow, can't wait til it's done. I am finding a lot of treasures I forgot I had which is kinda fun....but I can not believe that I have so much stuff and either can my husband. He is not as excited to see some of my long lost treasures as I am:) I told him that I will NOT be moving don't ever ask me again....he agrees.

I have been trying to register for school in Rice Lake, WI so I can finish up the hours I have left so I can graduate from Cosmetology school. I have a total of 439 hours left (I need 1800 hours to graduate), I just want to get school done with so I can get to work. The transferring to Rice Lake is not going as smoothly as I was hoping it I am prepared to head back to Wisconsin Rapids, WI to finish my schooling in the Fall if need be. I don't want to do that....but I have comes to terms with it I guess. Anyway, the picture above is a picture of me and one of my favorite clients at school. Her name is Nettie and she is 94 years old. I gave her a set and style every week and she was always so sweet and as sharp as a tack. She never forget anything we had talked about the week before....I, on the other hand, sometimes had to rack my brain to remember.

Here is a picture of a storm on the horizon at our house....the colors were so awesome I had to get out my camera.

Another look at the storm clouds.

Gorgeous!!!...I know I am weird

I finally have a garden after waiting 10 years. The picture above is a pic of my husband dozing a spot for it...thanks you sweetie!!!!

Small beginnings here....the ground is so rockie here, he had to dig out the garden spot and then put screened black dirt back in the hole. I was a lot of work but sooooo worth it.

A view with the garden spot ready to plant in the distance.

And here we daughter and son in-law came over and helped us plant our garden which was such a BIG help. That's my daughter, Kara, with her planter planting my beans....she has become a pro at gardening and I appreciate her help so much!!!!

And here is our garden now...this picture was taken yesterday. As you can see, things are coming along nicely but slowly. It is suppose to be really hot here the next couple days so i am sure that will get things growing.

We have a beautiful blackberry patch by the garden which I love!!!! As you can see, there are going to be lots of blackberries this year. I will just have to beat the bear to them though:)

My husband dug a small pond down by my garden too, we are seeing how much water it will hold. But we think we will probably have to put a liner in it and will have to keep it full with the hose. I will be a nice place to the animals to come and get a drink. I am also going to plant some flower around it.

And here is my chicken coop. I ordered 25 chickens and they should be here next excited!!!!

My garden with my chicken coop in the distance.

Another view of my garden.

Here are some pictures of my front porch.

I love to sit here and relax. I found this awesome gate at an antique store and am hoping someday to have my husband make me a fenced in flower garden (fenced in because of the deer) and use this gate for the entrance.

My front porch

I love this planter, I put the ferns in there and thought they looked so cool. And that old bike seat I found in the it!!!!

This little wagon I found at a place here in Spooner called The Rusty Bucket. They have lots of prim items there.....I love that store.

I found this little wagon at a garage sale for $7.....could not pass it up...LOVE IT!!

Another picture of my antique gate.

Last by not least....the back yard of our house. My husband has been working very hard on getting our yard done. He planted grass seed last week so hopefully we will have green grass soone. It is suppose to be really hot here today so we are hoping that it does not all burn up the young grass before it gets a change to grow. Yesterday, the drug the sprinkler around the yard all day trying to prepare the grown for the heat....we will see what happens.

Today I am going to babysit my 2 little grandsons Noah and Carson. I am so excited!!!! We are going to go to Hayward to spend the day with my Mom, should be a fun day. I better get in the shower and get ready for the day. I am glad to be back blogging and expect to see more updates from me soon. Blessings, Rhonda

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA...I have no internet yet

Just a quick update to let you all know that I have not given up on my blog.....I just don't have internet yet at our new house. I am hoping to get it this week sometime so stay tuned. Everything is going good at home but I will have to say that I miss school and all my friends:( but life is a journey and a new chapter is being written.....Blessings, Rhonda