My Weight Loss Journey

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Girl

I can't believe it's already, where does the weeks go. Today marks day 14 of my Nutrisystem journey. I have not weighed myself yet this week....I do not get on the scale very much, I think it's best for right now. I feel so much better and last night my husband told me he can tell I have lost weight...what a sweetie!!!! I am going to keep on keepin on and I know I will not be disappointed.

I finished up a few items this week and headed them over to Country Freckles. I had made some of these pinkeeps for my booth in Spooner and also wanted to put some in Country Freckles. They are fun to make and I really like the glass bottom.

I also finished up this little cutie. I named her Fertile Myrtle, she is a busy mama. She can hang off a hook or sit on a cupboard.

Mama and all her babies

Fertile Mrytel


As promised, here are some pictures of some of the new goodies Joni got on our trip to Market in Columbus, Ohio. Joni worked very hard getting all her new items arranged just right in her store. She did a wonderful job and her store looks AWESOME!!! My pictures do not do it justice that's for sure.

Her new make-do chairs

This is a mustard chair, the fabric is soooo awesome!!!


The grouping

Another make-do chair

Her rooms are full of goodies

I love this is made out of an old headboard

This is one of my favorite benches


Spring is all the colorful flowers!!!!!

I am leaving on Sunday for Spooner, I have to work at the Antique Mall on Monday and Tuesday. I am so ready to make a trip home.....very homesick!!!! But for today, I am going to clean up around here a bit and then head to my sewing room to get some things finished up.

Have a BLESSED weekend everyone.....Rhonda


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Rhonda Sweetie...
How beautiful everything looks. You must have a really fun time going out and shopping,and stocking that booth. It looks so shoppable. I would be in there in an instant.

I am so in love with this pinkeep that you made. Do you have an Etsy shop, or do you sell them somewhere that a Phoenix gal can purchase one? I love it.

Great job, and I love Fertile Myrtle. That is just stinkin cute. Adorable.

Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

PrimWyoGirl said...

Rhonda, the booth looks great. Those make do chairs are sure growing on me! I like the coverlet one too. I can see all the bunnies in the background...:) I love that doughbox coffee table too! The pinkeep is wonderful! I do like it much! Have fun in Spooner! Wish I could come to your antique mall...

At Home With Amy said...

I just found your blog Rhonda and I love everything about it. I can't wait to dig back into your older posts and have a look around.

Shari said...

Love, love, love the make-do chairs...everything looks fabulous!
Looks like you have been very busy!

upnorth said...

I know you will stop in to see us at the store! Maybe I will wander downtown after work on Monday to visit with you! Keep going with the system! You are doing awesome! Earl

筱婷 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩