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Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Day On The Clinic Floor...AND LOVED IT!!!

Today was our first day on the clinic floor at school.....we were allowed to work on each other today. Everyone has been waiting for this day for months and when we were finally cut loose.....there was NO turning back. as you can imagine, the color, bleach and shears were flying around the salon wildly. It was SOOOO FUN!!!!

I had planned on just watching everyone today because I didn't want anything done to my hair and didn't think it was fair for me to do someone but then not want anything done to my hair by them. Well, that flew right out the window right away in the morning..... my friend Lindsey asked me if I would color her hair and so of course I said YES, I will have to say that I was a little nervous because this was my first time ever coloring a real persons hair....but I LOVED IT!!!!

Then, after lunch, my friend Jessica asked me to foil her hair...she wanted blue and pink streaks. I said "WHAT" blue and pink.....o:k. So I went from this morning being nervous about coloring Lindsey's hair being thrilled and excited to foil Jessica's hair blue and pink....who knew that when you start coloring..... you don't want to stop. I LOVED TODAY, I can't wait til next Thursday, we are out on the clinic floor again, but this time we have real clients. I am giving a perm.....woooo hoooo!!!!!

Here is Jessica before we starting the foiling, she's all smiles!!!

Here she is during the processing time...she's still smiling!!!

And here is the final outcome...she only wanted the underneath turned out SOOOO darn cute!!!!!

Here is a better look at the colors....LOVE IT!!!

And here I am....pretty proud of myself that I actually did it!!!!!

And here is a picture of Lindsey and I after her color....I didn't get any before pictures of the process because I didn't have my camera with me this morning. So I went from thinking I was just going to watch everyone else having 2 clients.....AMAZING!!!!!

Today was an awesome day, I know I am going to LOVE doing hair....Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to learn this trade!!!!

Just had to share it with you all:) Blessings, Rhonda

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time For A Blog Update!!!!!

Good morning everyone!!!!! It has, once again, been awhile since I have updated my blog...I hate that!!!!! Life is still moving along at break-neck speed, but I am still lov'in it. I can not believe that we are into week 10 of school already. Monday was the start of the 2nd half of the first semester and we have started new subjects. Wednesday's are now our on-line class, Salon Business, so I do not have to be at school until it. Wednesday's now will be the day I catch up on things and also do some laundry and get a bit of house work done. We are still going home every weekend which leaves NO TIME to relax and do any sewing. We are hoping the house will be done by Christmas which will make the miles and hours on the road worth it.

School Daze

The last 9 weeks of school I have learned how to perm, color, cut manicures and pedicures and also learned A LOT about bacteria and how to keep a salon sanitary. Here are a few pictures of some of the hands-on projects I did during class. These were all practical tests and were all graded, I am happy to say, I got a good grade on them all.

My perm test....we had to wrap this perm in 60 mins and then we were graded on how we apply the perm solution, the rinsing, neutralizing, and how the perm turned out.

Taking the rods out here....pretty happy with the turn out.

She's done!!!!!!

Here is my roller set and comb out.....I actually liked doing this one.

And here is my color.....Loved doing this!!!!!

Starting the color

First section done

Moving right along


All done!!!!!


Home Is Where The Heart Is

When we were home a couple weekends ago, we had a camp fire at my daughter Kara's. We were able to spend some time with our grandson's Carson and Garrett. Brent was playing in the leaves with was so cute, I had to get some pics. Anyway, I told them all that I wanted a picture and to pose.....Brent said "pick your noses" and both of their little fingers went up to their noses with lightening speed. We all laughed soooo you can tell, Brent laughed the hardest. Kids, they are so precious and so funny!!!!!

Here they are running and having a blast

They loved it and so did Brent!!!!!

Here they are....Carson and Garrett.

Our House

We had our sidewalks poured last week.....they turned out really good:)

Love the side if we only had some grass:)

Next Spring, we will have the yard and flower gardens in....can't wait!!!!

Brent is busy laying our wood floors...what a guy, he gets up at 4am and starts and works until 10pm!!!!

Here is the spare bathroom, the small hall and our office all it!!!!

Brent putting the final row down in our bedroom

The floor is so pics do not do it justice!!!!

Our bathroom

Our bedroom and going into our bathroom

Brent has all the flooring laid expect for the living room, kitchen and dining room (shown above). He is hoping to get them done this weekend. We will then stain and seal the floor and then it's time for the kitchen to get installed!!!!! This is scheduled for Nov. 15th....can't wait...a house is not a home until you have a kitchen!!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now, my books are calling my name so I better get at it. Blessings to everyone....Rhonda

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Here!!!!

Sorry it's been awhile, with going to school, my free time is pretty much none existing. I try to make time to update my blog but homework is always calling my name and with all the deadlines, homework always wins out. After these next 2 weeks are over, the homework load will lighten up a bit, so I am sure that will help my blogging time:) So please stay tuned....I am hoping to get some of my free time back soon. I have not been able to even pick up a needle to sew or stitch since August 23rd, I miss it so much but I keep telling myself that this will be worth all this work when I am working in a salon and making money.

Last month, the school bought new dryers and new facial chairs. They were selling the old ones so I snatched up one of each. The dryer chair was $40....and the facial chair (which I don't have a picture of yet) was $50. My husband had to come to the school to pick them up.....did he ever get the looks when he drove through town with this chair in the back of his truck. He is such a trooper, he never knows what I will be bring home next.

Speaking of home, we go home every weekend to work on our beautiful new home. My husband has been working on getting our yard roughed in....I LOVE it!!!! I can't wait to see it all planted with nice green grass and beautiful flower beds.

He also got my flower beds dug out and ready to be filled with black dirt. Digging it out now with this backhoe will save he back this spring.

flower bed ready for black dirt

digging with the backhoe sure saves on the back!!!!

I can't wait to see this flower bed FULL of flowers and shrubs:)

flower beds all dug out:)

Here is a picture off our bedroom deck....the trees were so gorgeous!!!!

Brent started laying our floors also, it is a slow job but will be so worth it. We choose hard maple for our floors. It is rustic with lots of character.

He is making some progress here, but he has a LONG way to go!!!!

Brent also got our pond roughed it. Hopefully it will hold water when it is all done:)

My hard working man bulldozing up a storm

We were able to spend a little time with our grandson Garrett, Brent wanted him to sit on the bulldozer with him but Garrett wanted nothing to do with that. So here they are looking at it and that was as far as Garrett was going. I am sure in a few more years, Brent will have a dozing buddy.

Brent and Garrett

Brent and Garrett on the berm, I LOVE this berm. I never thought I could love a pile of dirt so provide the privacy we wanted....I couldn't be happier!!!!

The house is coming along good and I can't wait to live in it!!!!

Well, that's about it for now....I better get working on my homework. Stay tuned, I have more pictures to share....hopefully sometime this week I can post again.

Blessings, Rhonda