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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Cat Doll, School Daze And Happy Birthday To My Little Girl

Hello friends and family.....Today my daughter, Kara, is 28 years old, which I totally can not believe. She has been such a blessing to me and I thank God everyday that He allowed me to be her Mom...Happy Birthday Kara Sheilda, I love you with all my heart and am SOOOOO proud of you!!!!!

Well, I have been busier then a cat covering crap in a wind storm lately. School never fails to surprise me and push me into new and exciting experiences and new adventures. While I try to find time to prim and keep "Country Freckles" stocked up with my dolls....I have to admit, it's been very challenging. But some how, here and there, I have been able to make a few new creation once in a while. The above picture is of the cat I made last week, I really like it and hope it's a good seller.

I also made some bunny ornies out of an old bed spread....I was super happy with them. I LOVE the color and they look really cute mixed in with my handmade Easter eggs.

On to the hair/cosmetology part of my life. Yesterday, (Sunday) I went to a hair show in Stevens Point, WI with some of my classmates and one of my teachers. It was all about men's haircutting and I learned SOOOOO much. I would totally go to another one!!!!! There were many area cosmetologists there and also 2 schools.....ours (Mid-State) and the one in Wausau, WI. I was so proud of 2 of my classmates. During the demonstration, the guy asked if anyone would like to come up and try the technique he was showing us. Angel and Amanda were so excited and very willing to come up and give it a try. I was SOOOOO proud of them!!!!! They are awesome!!!!! The above picture is of Angel going up front at the hair cutting show to give the technique a try.

Amanda up front at the hair show being very excited after she mastered the technique the instructor showed her.

We also went bowling last week as a class for a team building exercise. It was SOOO fun!!!! Above is one of my teachers taking her turn at throwing the ball.

All 3 of my awesome teachers....I love you guys!!!!!

And here we are as a class after our bowling outing....I was so excited, I bowled a 120. I know it's not a great score, but for me it was:)

o:k, back to my prim is another pic of my bunny ornies.

Another look at my kitty cat.

More bunnies.

My bunny ornie with my ornie eggs.

My sitting hen...Henny Penny.

My sampler pillow.

And last but not least....another sampler pillow.

Well, that's what I have been up to lately, school and a little bit of primming on the side.....hope life has been good for you all....until next time...God Bless....Rhonda