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Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy And Blessed

Excuse the mess, excuse the noise, my children are making happy memories.
I think all Mothers should have this motto posted in there home, because it's so true!! The stitch picture was made by me and the ginger bread family beside it was made by my sister.

I am Happy and Blessed.....what a wonderful 5 days I have had!!!!! The craft show was a success, I had the BEST Thanksgiving I have had in years and I got to spent 5 days with my precious family. It doesn't get much better then that.

Brent and I started our Thanksgiving vacation on Wednesday. We headed to Spooner around 8:30am and arrived around 12 noon. When we got there, Brent headed to the woods to hunt and my daughter Kara and I headed in town to shop. We hit all our hot spots, the thrift stores, the antique shops, The Rusty Bucket, Pamida and Economart. While in town, we got all the groceries we needed for our Thanksgiving dinner. My daughter, Kara, was in charge of the menu, she had many new recipes to try on us this year. We baked the pies Wednesday night because the oven would be full of turkey on Thursday. Our Thanksgiving day started with having our morning coffee together (a wonderful way to start any day). After morning coffee we went full steam ahead cooking our Thanksgiving meal. We eat at 6pm and it was all delicious!

********** Craft Show Was A Success ********

One of my stitch pictures...I love this saying

My sister arrived in Spooner around 1:00 on Friday, we bummed around town until it was time to set up at the craft show. It is always nice when you can set up the night before and take some time to place things nicely instead of being rushed. Our cousin Jeanie had a booth next to us, it was so nice to be able to spend the day with her also. Jeanie and I traded a few items...she had some amazing pillows she made out of an old rag rug, I LOVE them. I also picked up from her some old feed sacks bags and vintage linens from her.

A view of our booth

The deer were a hit again this weekend

Our door display

These snowmen are still my favorites!

The Christmas cat's were a hit also

Stitch pictures

Me and my sister......Sister's Forever!!!!!!

I LOVE doing craft shows with my sister, it is precious time we can spend together. We each have our jobs, she mans the cash box and I keep things stocked and straightened up in our booth. Our Mom was also there helping us keep things going...thanks Mom, you are a real trooper.

Brent and I are back in Rapids now and I am gearing up for a few shows here this week with Joni from Country Freckles. I have to make some more deer and a few more mice items so I better get busy. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving....God Bless...Rhonda

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Show Done...One To Go

What a wonderful weekend we had, it was sooooo nice to be home!!!!! The craft show at the Legion Hall was a success. I will say that it was a bit slower then last year, we are hoping that next weekend's show at the Methodist Church, there will be more ladies out and about. I was still very happy with what I sold. The reindeer and Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were the hot item, I have more in the making right now for the weekend show. My sister's hot item was her homemade jelly and salsa...the ladies LOVED it. She pretty much sold out of her jelly and has only a few jars of salsa left for this weekend show.

I got to meet in person one of my blog friends at the show, Justina from Pepper Creek Gatherings . Her creations are so prim and soooo adorable, right up my alley!!!!! We traded a few items so I am now the proud owner of some of her Christmas creations. Justina is so nice and I look forward to keeping in touch with her. It's so nice to have prim friends!!!!!!

My girlfriend Lisa from Primitive Sign Company custom made me this sign for my booth. Thank you Lisa, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I brought some of Lisa's sign to sell at the show. Her signs were very popular and went really well!!!!!!

A view of our booth

We didn't have a lot of space so we kinda had to cram things in. We had ALOT of stuff that's for sure!!!! We still had stuff in bins under the table to get out as stuff sold down.

My prim snowmen ornaments

One of Lisa's signs mixed in with my prims

A view of our full table

Earleen is one of my friends from Spooner. I used to work with Earl at Economart and I miss her and my job very much!!!!!! She had fudge to sell and definitely was the HOT booth. She pretty much sold out of her fudge. I traded a Santa for a pan but I left it at my daughters...too dangerous for me to bring it back to Rapids!!!!!! It was so nice to spend the day with her and I am so glad she had a good day at the show. Earl LOVES to cook...follow Earl's cooking tips and recipes at Mimi's Kitchen.

A few ladies shopping in our booth.

Some of our door dolls

Door doll close up

While I was at the show, my husband was out hunting on our land we bought late this fall. He got his buck.....actually my daughter's buck. My daughter wanted a deer this year so he got her one. We are going to head back to Spooner tomorrow for Thanksgiving and he will continue to hunt, he needs to get one more.

Today I need to finish up some prims and also clean my house and do laundry. We also have an appointment to finalize our house plans for our new house that we are going to start building on our land in Spooner this Spring....I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I will keep you all posted.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless....Rhonda

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craft Show Is Saturday...Lots To Do!!!!!

Just a quick post to update everyone...I have been working very hard finishing up all my creations!!!! I will be working long into the night tonight trying to put the finishing touches on everything because we are leaving for Spooner, WI tomorrow around 1pm. The craft show is Saturday in Spooner at the Legion Hall from 9am-3pm. I am excited to see everyone and enjoy being HOME!!!!!

Here are some pictures of some of my items....enjoy!!!!

Snowmen galore!!!!

I really like the reindeer and so does my husband..speaking of my husband. He had to help me out tonight. I have become deathly allergic to Sweet Annie which makes me so sad because I LOVE Sweet Annie!!!! Anway, he made all my sprigs for my Crows and Frosty hats and placed them ever so carefully on the crows and hats (he was so cute!!). Just being in the room while he was doing it, I was sneezing. I don't think I will be buying anymore Sweet Annie. Anyway, I have the best husband ever, he is always so helpful and thoughtful even if it means getting involved with my prims when I need him....Thanks honey!!!!!

I could not believe how much stuff I actually made once I lined it all, I hope we get a lot of customers!!!!

I LOVE these mice!!!! I found these prim cups during my travels. They work perfect for displaying the mice.

The gangs all here

Love the prim pinkeeps

Cats and Crows

I will post pictures of the show next week until then...Happy Deer Hunting to all the Hunters!!! God Bless...Rhonda

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brought More Christmas Creations To Country Freckles

I am still creating like a mad woman trying to get ready for my 2 shows November 21st and 28th in Spooner, WI. I am also trying to keep Country Freckles stocked with some of my Christmas creations. It was nice to take a break from creating for a few hours. I always LOVE going in Joni's's sooooooo relaxing and inspiring!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the items I brought in.

I rusted this soup can and made a primitive pinkeep out of it....I LOVE it!!!!! So prim :)

I bought a bunch of baby shoes last summer from my favorite Antique Dealer, Richard Melton, from Poor Richard's in Spooner, Wisconsin. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to Richard's and digging like a dog looking for a bone to find prim and vintage items to use in my creating. That is half the fun.....the hunt :) His daughter Sarah is so sweet, she knows just where to start my pile of goodies and how big it will get.

Here is a cute little door doll snowman....he's all business in his business suit and tie.

I love this prim snowman garland. I strung them on rusty wire which not only looks so prim but also allows for the snowmen to hang just the way you want them to because of the bending of the wire.

Close up

Close up

Mama kitty and her babies all dressed up for Christmas

Close up of their cute little faces

Mama kitty and her snowmen....cute!!!!!

Welcome Winter is what the hang tag says

Last but now least....a Christmas crow...everyone loves crow!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now...enjoy your day everyone!!!! Blessings....Rhonda

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Open House At Country Freckles

Things have been very busy at Country Freckles lately. Joni had been closed for a week getting ready for her Christmas Open House which started Thursday night, but now it's full steam ahead for Christmas. While Joni was closed tearing down Fall and putting up Christmas, I stopped in her store to see her and the tearing down process. I was STOCKED at how much work it is to get ready for something like this. There was Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE waiting to be place in that special spot, Joni, Marilyn and Joni's Mom were busy just trying to make sense of it all, I was head was spinning. Just getting all those trees placed and lite up is a job in itself!!!!!! But when I came back a few days later....I was AMAZED!!!!! The smells, sights and sounds were incredible!!!!! This is the most beautiful shop I have ever seen!!!!!!! Great job girls!!!!!!!!

I will start by showing pictures of the the creations I brought into the store for the Christmas Open House. Here is an adorable snowman door doll. He was fun to make and went together pretty fast. This pattern is the "Let It Snow" pattern from Moonchild's primitives.

Close up of his cute little face

And here we have a snowman that fits great on a shelf or tucked away in a cupboard....I also think he is adorable. This pattern is "Mr. Frosty" from Veena's Mercantile.

Close up of his cute little face

And here is one of my favorites...Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. This pattern is from The Primitive Nook. I put them in the cheese box with the light, I thought it added a great touch.

Here are some grungy cat's for sale in an old flour sifter....aren't they cute!!!!!!

Here is the "Let It Snow" door doll wearing a blue/green scarf, he looks very vintage.

I LOVE the red bed spread in the back ground.

Here is Frosty's hat with mice...again the mice look so real!!!!!!

Another view

Ok, now it's time for the Country Freckles ready for Christmas pictures

These lite up trees are located in the middle of the first room you walk into. It is such a dramatic it!!!!!!

Christmas goodies

A tree full of snowmen

I LOVE this lantern!!!!!!!

A lite up wreath with one of my santa ornies in the middle

A lite Christmas tree always brings such a warm inviting glow to a room

I love this picture

A lot of trees

Joni has some awesome linens available and they look so nice stacked and displayed here.

I love the popcorn balls and string of popcorn and cranberries on these trees


I LOVE this sign, my girlfriend Lisa hand makes these. She does such a wonderful job!!!!! She is such a perfectionist and it shows in her creating!!!!!! I will have some of her signs in Spooner at the show if anyone is interested. Joni also has many of Lisa's signs in her shop. You do such a great job Lisa.

I was in the store yesterday and Joni was very ladies everywhere. Everyone is out enjoying the Christmas atmosphere and trying to get a jump start on decoating. I always enjoy this time of year it has so many memories attached to it for me!!!!!

I am still working very hard on my items for our show in Spooner November 21 and November 28th. I am making progress and am very happy with what I have done so far....2 weeks left....I better get busy, busy, busy!!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone....please say a prayer for my nephew Shane who is in the Marines boot camp right now in California. Blessings....Rhonda