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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve With Family

Shane a couple days before he left for the Marines boot camp in California. We missed him this Christmas and we are SOOOO proud of him.

Shane with his cousins Kara and Alyssa before he left for boot camp last Fall.

My Mom and Step-Dad

We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom and Step-Dad's house. Everyone was there except my nephew Shane who is in California at boot camp right now becoming a United States Marine. We missed him very much and will be glad when he is able to come home. We took pictures to send him so he knows he was thought of and missed very much this Christmas.

We Love You Shane And Are So Proud Of You!!!!!

Kara and Alyssa missin their cousin Shane

Alyssa being her goofy self. Shane will love it, I am sure it will make him smile.

Mom also made her traditional is my son-in-law Travis and my daughter Alyssa enjoying Mom's treat.

Trav and Alyssa

My beautiful daughters Kara and Alyssa.

My son Kasey

Me and My Sweetie

Here is my mom, me, my sister, my brother and my 95 year old grandpa Betz posing for our family picture.

Grandpa getting ready to go home after our fun Christmas Eve night.

Grandpa Betz making a funny face.....can you kinda see where Alyssa got her goofiness from. Must be in the bloodline.

Well, I will leave you all with that. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Until next time.....Blessings....Rhonda

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Warrior.....A Heart Renewed

Matthew 18:3

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Christmas time.....a time to reflect and celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. But how many of us get so busy with shopping, baking, decorating, crafting and just living, we think of the real meaning of Christmas with small fleeting thoughts and our precious Jesus and his birthday gets put on the back burner. Well, I had the real meaning of Christmas demonstrated to me in a mighty way in Walmart on Saturday, here is the story.

My husband and I went to Walmart on Saturday, the hustle and bustle in there was UNREAL!!!! People were literally cart to cart trying to get their shopping done. I do not like to be in that situation, my head was spinning and I just wanted to get our items and get the heck out of there!!!!!!!! Do you notice that when you are in a hurry and just want to get home, you tend to put on more miles then usual, it's back and forth...back and forth, because you forget something in isle 1 and you are now in isle 8..uhhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, while we were in this shopping frenzy we heard this little boy belting out "Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so". I couldn't see him but I heard him and I thought "how sweet"....but I kept my in head in my shopping frenzy and was only concentrating on getting out of Walmart (my husband has a hard time keeping up with me when I am in this mode, FULL STEAM AHEAD his head was spinning,LOL). A few minutes later I again hear, "Jesus loves me this I now for the bible tells me so". I was grabbing milk out of the cooler but I stopped and listened this time and really let it register that someone was singing. But not about jingle bells, santa or reindeer but about his Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. He was singing very loudly I might add, loud enough to be heard over all the hustle and bustle of Walmart, and that in itself is a miracle. Now, this time, I didn't only think "how sweet" this little Christmas warrior had my attention.

I wanted to see him in all his glory singing at the top of his lungs that his Jesus loved him. I was no longer focused on my shopping, my head was up and my eyes were looking for him. I could hear him singing away and all of a sudden I spotted him. He had been at least 3 isles away from me......there he was with his young precious mother. She had 3 little ones, one in the cart seat in front of her and two little ones hanging onto the cart as she pushed it along. And one of them was her little warrior.

His jacket was unzipped and he was klunking along in his big boots, head thrown back singing his heart out. He didn't care if he was politically correct or not...he didn't care if he was offending anyone....he didn't care that he was in the middle of Walmart singing among a crowd of people. He didn't even know that at that moment, a month of Sunday sermons could not have touched me like he did singing that song in Walmart. He, in a very powerful way, broke through a wall that I had built up just trying to survive life and somehow he laid me in the arms of my precious Savior once again, how priceless!!!!!!

That young Mother is also a warrior...she taught her son that Jesus came to this earth as a baby and then died to save him because he loved him that much. She is doing God's work and the fruit manifested itself in Walmart on Saturday!!!!!! I will never forget this little warrior and his family. I didn't capture any pictures of this mother and her children to show you. These kinds of pictures we carry in our hearts and they change us forever. I pray that God will bless them and continue to grant him the strength of a mighty warrior. Mothers teach your children about Jesus. Give them a chance to see that Jesus is the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life!!!!!!! You will NEVER be sorry!!!!

So with that said....we can all be warriors this Christmas. We don't have to beat someone over the head with a bible, just live by example. Saturday was just a day in the life of a little boy living by example to anyone who had ears to hear and a heart to receive. PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you and all may God reveal himself to you in a BIG way this Christmas!!!!

Blessing, Rhonda

Matthew 18:3 NIV

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Gut Feeling The Craft Show Was Going To Be A Bust And It Was...But the Reindeer Were Adorable

Made a new batch of Reindeer for Rudolph Days...didn't sell a one. What has the world come to when you can't sell a "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" In Rudolph, WI during Rudolph Days????? Not a good sign!!!!!

Ever get that feeling, that a situation is doomed from the start???? Well, Joni and I had that very same experience today. We set up a booth at what is called "Rudolph Days" in Rudolph, Wisconsin, it's about 8 mile from Wisconsin Rapids. We were told that we could set up the night before so we would be ready for business the next day...let the festivities begin...NOT.

So last night, Joni and I arrived with our boxes full of goodies to set up our little store and to our surprise (or should I say shock) we realized that we were assigned to the little yellow garage with a make shift propane heater that almost gassed us to death throughout our whole experience there. The rest of the crafters were at the elementary school and the fire station..yep you got it...we got the overflow spot. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!! This is when that feeling struck and my brain was screaming....SKIP IT!!!!!!

Our Little Yellow Garage/Dead Zone

To their credit, bless their hearts, they tried to attract some business our way with a sign they set up for us.......well, I would like to say it worked but I would be lying :)

Against our better judgment, we decided that we would take the chance..brave the cold, the gas fumes and the crappy spot and go forward with our plan to set up...we were trying to be good sports and think positive.

I will say that the interior of the garage did go with our theme....PRIMITIVE!!!!

I think all in all we made the best of our spot and our set up turned out cute!!!! Joni brought these two adorable prim chairs for us to sit on..I love them!!!!

Here is a new snowman that I made last week...I love his hat

I made 8 more of these snowman last week for the show. I didn't sell a one today but I am still glad I made them. They are my favorite item I made this year so now I get to keep one for myself.

Our mice and snowmen on a tree display.

Mouse on a vintage clothespin
I got this idea from Justina, at Pepper Creek Gatherings.

At the craft show in Spooner, WI a couple weeks ago, I bought from Justina a cute little bird on a clothespin tree ornament. I loved it so much I decided I would make my own version.....a mouse on a clothespin.

Depending on how you look at this...they either look adorable on the tree or creep you depends on if you hate mice or not. I HATE mice, so I am torn on this subject?????

The show/festivities started at 10am, we were ready for business but just as we had customers. Where were they all, probably at the school where it was warm!!!!! We had a few people walk by our little yellow garage but that was the problem....they kept on walkin!!!!

We finally thought it would be more inviting to people walking by if we opened up the big garage door, so that is what we did. It also helped with the fumes from the propane heater, BOUNS!!!!!

They had a shuttle bus busing people around the town...bring them to the little yellow garage please ;)

Joni and I had finally had enough, so we asked the other poor lady (her name was Mel) that was stuck in the garage with us if she would watch our booth while we took a little break. She agreed so off we went to find some action somewhere in Rudolph during Rudolph Days.

Up the road we found a Antique shop to check out and also a junk store. At the junk store, Joni found a used designer purse for $5 that she snatched up...SCORE!!! As you can see from the picture above, she looks pretty proud carrying her Rudolph Days purchase :) I found some graniteware pans that I love to use in my prim creations.

This was my favorite part of Rudolph Days, the live Reindeer...they were so cool. The one in front with his eye bugging out is probably thinking the same thing we were thinking "what am I doing here".

Santa (in the background in his sleigh) and his trusty Reindeer

As you can see from this picture, there were a few people out and about just not wanting to buy crafts. I have come to the conclusion that Rudolph Days are for families to enjoy Reindeer viewing, dog sledding dogs, chili feeds, cookie decorating, ornament making...the list of activities goes on and on. They are not, however, there to buy crafts.

Oh well, all kidding aside, I still had a fun day with Joni and I have the memory of "the craft show bust" but I think next year we will NOT be showing up for Rudolph Days with our goodies...not worth it!!!

Can't win them all.....Hope you all had a good Saturday.....Blessing....Rhonda

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry Christmas From My House To Yours

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Click the green arrow and enjoy...Merry Christmas from me and my family......Rhonda

It's Beginging To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I am not putting a tree up this year here in the rental. All my decorations are packed and being stored somewhere. We have our things scattered in 3 different locations right now, hopefully next Christmas we will be planted somewhere and I can go whole hog decorating. Until then, I enjoyed watching my daughter and son in-law put their tree up this year during our Thanksgiving visit.

Kara and Trav had an artificial tree the last 2 years, but this year they went for a real tree.

Kara picked up that cool prim pail at the "Rusty Bucket" on one of our shopping trips. The tree looks so cool and prim sitting in it!!!!

Here they are trying to get the tree straight...always a challenge.

Kara is putting the last few ornaments on her tree. Now we just hope her cats leave it alone :)

I know this is short and sweet but I wanted to share a little Christmas and my beautiful family with you all. Until next time, have a blessed day....Rhonda