My Weight Loss Journey

Friday, April 30, 2010

Weigh-In Friday And Busy Week!!!

Weigh-In Friday..............I lost another pound this week...............for a total of 14 pounds lost since March 12th, life is good!!!!!

I spent most of this week in Spooner because I had to work at "The Red Door Antique Mall" on Monday and Tuesday. I had planned on staying until Thursday so I could visit with my family and friends, but I ended up coming down with a cold on Monday and I didn't want to spread it around to everyone so I came back to Rapids last night.

I made a few trips out to our land to check on the progress of our new home. The footings and the basement walls have been poured. They are now working on the plumbing and plan on pouring the basement floor early next week. I took lots of pictures for Brent so he could check out everything. It is so hard for him not to be there during this time. And to top it all off, he found out that they now have to work Saturdays until they get the cranberry vines in the ground. So that will make it hard for us to go home like we had planned. We have decided that we will have to leave after he gets done with work on Saturdays evenings...check things out at the home site on Sunday...then drive back to Rapids so he can be back to work on Monday....sounds like a grind to me....but what do you do?????? As Tim Gunn says..."Make it work!!!!!!

Here is a view of the garage.

The walk out side

This is a view from the of the bedrooms and part of the covered porch

lookin good!!!

You can see the plumber looking at the house plans as he lays the plumbing foundation.

Here are my apple trees.....LOVE THEM!!! They all survived the winter and will have leaves soon.

A view from the apple orchard with our house in the distance. I am also going to add a garden ASAP here....gorgeous!!!!


Antique Mall

I added a twist to my booth at The Red Door Antique Mall in Spooner, WI. I added some WWII tools and other items to my booth...hopefully this will keep the men interested, they need stuff to look at too. There are many men that come in with their wives, they try not to look bored but you can tell that they are. Hopefully looking at tools will entertain them for a little while.

I saw this sign at Market and LOVED it. I believe we all need to take time to Thank A Soldier!!!!! Because of them and their willingness to serve.....we live in the BEST country ever!!!!! Thank you ALL who have and are serving to help keep us FREE!!!!!

My booth re-arranged. While I am re-arranging and adding new items, I never see how it will all come together...but it always does I guess.

A cabinet full of prims.


Horse'in Around

After work on Tuesday, I went over to my girlfriend Shannon's house (warned her I had a cold, but she wanted me to come over anyway). We have been friends for over 20 years and have shared our love for horses, family and God through the years. She is also my massage therapist click here to read about her business "Natural Alternatives Advanced Massage". She has been training her young horses and wanted me to come over and see the progress. I had a BLAST!!!! It brought back so many memories of times spent with my friends and horses.

Here is Shanon riding her gorgeous paint Angel.

Her husband Bill also rides...he is also our Farrier, (trims my horses feet)

Their daughter Gabrielle also rode her mini-pony....I laughed so hard, I could hardly stand it. She looked like she was on a whined up toy. Gabby is one of the sweetest little gals you will ever meet. I remember the day she was born...where has the time gone?????

I took a movie of Gabby's is soooooo cute.

And what a trooper that little pony is....he is as wide as he is tall but kept on a goin, LOL!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the 5K in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I will be running up a storm...wish me luck.

God Bless, Rhonda