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Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Dolls And Full Steam Ahead On The House

Little outfits drying in the sun on a beautiful sunny day in Wisconsin.

This week I have been busy trying to finish up dolls so I can re-stock Country Freckles and also my booth at the Antique Mall. I did a lot of painting and sewing up cute little outfits. I took some pictures of the process and will post some pics later of the dolls finished when they are ready for the photo shoot.

A kitty half painted

Here are some prairie dolls real close to being finished. I have to put their bonnets on and also adjust their dresses and aprons. the teddy bear needs some eye and a scarf, I love these little gals.

Here is a kitty sunbathing after getting painted black.

Some of the gals also drying in the sun after a fresh coat of black paint.


I am so happy and excited to announce that this Saturday our house is officially going to start becoming a reality for my husband and I. Our basement is being dug Saturday and our driveway is going to be excavated in.....SO EXCITED!!!! After Brent gets done with work on Friday, we are heading home to Spooner for the weekend. Brent will probably spend most of the time we are home out at our land helping and overseeing this project. I will be there Saturday morning taking pictures and such but later on Saturday afternoon, I have to run to Rice Lake to Menards to pick up some 2" Styrofoam for under the concrete floor in the basement. Our concrete guy is planning on starting our basement right away things are happening and happening fast...WOOO HOOO!!!!

Last weekend Brent and I were on the road looking at Granite. We are trying to decided if we can afford granite counter tops or not, they are gorgeous!!!! Above is the granite piece we are very much considering. Our cupboards are cherry and this goes soooo nice with the stain color we have picked out.
Here is a view of our cupboard door with the granite piece we like.

A close up

This is a different piece we looked at and liked also but decided the colors were not quite right and there was not the movement in this piece that we are looking for. It's also gorgeous though....someone is going to get a nice piece here.

I took a few pictures of the granite lot....I found it so interesting that you can pick out the piece you want so you know exactly how it will look in the end....they are all so different. It was amazing to walk through all these beautiful pieces of God's handiwork.

The piece on the far right hand side is the one we picked out, beautiful!!!

A pic of the business office and our car parked along side of more granite pieces.

My cute little hubby in the distance looking everything over...he such a thinker!!!!

My husband always pays very close attention to detail as you can see here. He looks everything over and thinks everything through. I tend to make decisions faster....that is why we are a perfect match....we keep each other balanced out and respect each others opinion.

Here I am with a piece we considered early on, but decided against it.

This piece was never an option for us but we appreciated the uniqueness of it, a lot going on here so I wanted a picture of it.

Well, that's about it for now. I am going to weigh-in tomorrow so I will update my weight loss then. My diet has been going amazing and yesterday I made another big change....NO MORE POP!!! I have wanted to give diet pepsi up for a long time and decided the time has come. I feel in control of myself and am gaining the confidence it takes to keep on this journey for life. I will never go back to letting myself be complacent with extra pounds...NEVER again!!!!

I am off for my run, it's so beautiful out I am going to run outside this morning. Gotta keep training for the 5K on May 1st, wish me luck....until next time....Blessings to everyone!!! Rhonda


upnorth said...

You look amazing! The granite is so pretty, but spendy(or so I've been told). Maybe I'll see you this weekend! Call if you want to meet, I'm off! Earl


Go for. My son just put granite in his kitchen and its awesome. I'm so jealous.

Kronlund Family said...

I'm so proud of you for your new healthy lifestyle, and running...awesome! How exciting you that guys are building a new house!

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