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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bunnies And More Bunnies At Country Freckles

I know I have been MIA for awhile, sorry.....I have been sooooo busy and may I add, a bit stressed also. School is NOT easy and I find myself absolutely exhausted when I get home at night. I keep telling myself....this is only temporary and I thank God everyday that it's only temporary!!!!!! It's not that I don't like doing hair....I love that part, it's the homework, the deadlines and sometimes the school environment that wears on me. I just keep trying to put a smile on my face and keep my eye on the prize!!!!!

Anyway, on a happier note....last week, I got to enjoy all of Joni's awesome finds she brought back from her market trip to Pennsylvania. She is well stocked with prim bunnies that's for sure. I took several pictures of the bunnies and other goodies around the store.

This big guy is huge and so adorable!!!! The chair he is sitting on is also a new item Joni brought back with her from market.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this light. Brent and I want to buy it to go over our kitchen island, it would look amazing!!!!

A new blue make-do chair

This fireplace unit is awesome and the man standing in front of it is not so bad either...ohhhh, that's my handsome husband Brent. He has made more trip to Country Freckles with me then he probably cares to remember. He is always so patient while I look around the store and of course visit with my very dear friend Joni:)

LOVE this make-do chair....also a new find from Pennsylvania

Cute little Panda Bear sitting on a new chair

Little bunny ornie

Bunnies with cinnamon rolls....cute

This little guy is adorable

This guy has the "deer in the headlight look" I have had this look on my face many, many times. Actually, this is the look I have on my face every time I have to perform a new service on a client at school, lol

So cute!!!

Easter bunny

Mrs. Bunny

Mr. Bunny


Love this horse

This is an adorable trio

Well, that's it folks....Brent and I are heading home this weekend to spend some time in our hew house, I CAN NOT wait. We have not went home for 2 weeks now (because the it's so expensive when we do). I miss my home and family so much!!!!!! Until then, I will be at school trying to do my best and learn all I can. Blessings to you all.....Rhonda