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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day In La Crosse and Climing the Bluffs

I spent the day with my daughter, Alyssa, in her college town of La Crosse, Wisconsin on Wednesday. We had a BLAST shopping, going to lunch and last but not least....climbing the bluffs of La Crosse. It started off we were just going to go for a walk, but Alyssa said "let's climb the bluffs". I was game, so I said "sure" stupid...just kidding Alyssa :)

Here is the beginning of the trail, it is called the Hixon Forest Walking Trails. It doesn't look too bad from here but wait til you get going...this trail is a killer!!!!

Here's a map of the trails just incase you get lost.

Here we go, Alyssa led the way.

It became very obvious that I was not going to make it to the top of this bluff. I told Alyssa that she is in shape, she runs 6-10 miles a day....I am fresh off the couch from stuffing dolls. I really didn't realize how out of shape I am.....I thought I was going to cough up a lung during some of steep climbs. We saw a spot that looked like we could maybe see a view at the top, so Alyssa climbed up off the beaten trail to see....but there was just more woods at the top. So we got back on the climbing trail to see if I could make it.

We finally gave up and realized that I was not going to make it to the top today....I did a lot of complaining and whinning so maybe she got sick of listening to it. At one point she even busted out "now I know how the biggest loser trainers feel"....LOL. But anyway, for what ever reason it was I was glad to be heading back to the car. Here is a view of our down hill climb, that's Alyssa in the distance.

At least I am still smiling here.

After the bluff climbing we took a spin down to the Mississippi river for a look at the beautiful view. The bridge boarders Wisconsin and Minnesota. After you cross on the right hand side of the bridge you are in Minnesota...kinda cool.

Here is Alyssa standing in front of her apartment building. She has two really great roommates and is very happy living in La Crosse. I always enjoy coming to visit her in her little piece of heaven. She always shows me a memorable time!!!!

Well that's it for now....God Bless....Rhonda

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Today I finished up some dolls I have been working on this week. It was actually half way nice out today which is hard to believe considering yesterday it snowed in the morning and the wind blew like crazy all day long and into the night....what's up with this weather....and what in world happened to the Global Warm they are all talking about....we sure have not had any of that so called warming here this winter or spring...brrrrrrr!!!!! Anyway here are some pictures of the gals....enjoy.

I LOVE the little lace shawl around her arms...she's such a lady

This gal started out heading toward becoming an Annie, but I am kinda getting sick of making Annie's for now so I turned her into a Annie with a twist.

I LOVE the dress fabric and her little stitch apron

This little gal is wearing a beautiful purple dress with a stitched linen cute and prim

I thought she needed to be holding something so I made her a prim bird. I hand stitched her eyes on and pinched stitched her mouth and nose, I think she has a very kind look on her face...such a sweetie.

This sweetie can hang as a door doll or sit on your favorite shelf or chair

This doll can also hang or sit...I love this option for both when I display my dolls

ok....She's so ugly she's cute...I agree

I have to finish this little gal up tomorrow. She needs an apron and also I am going to put Sweet Annie in the seed bag hanging around her neck.

Well, that's about if for today. If you want to join in on the fun, go to Leslie's blog and let us know what you did today. Until next time....keep prim'in....God Bless.....Rhonda

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rug Hooking Class On The Farm

Here is one of the wool hook rugs the teacher made...this picture does NOT do this rug is stunning in person!!!!!

Saturday I was blessed to have been able to attend a rug hooking class. Joni, from the Country Freckles, invited me to attend there were 7 of us all together. I had such a fun day enjoying the company of these very talented ladies and also enjoying the atmosphere where the class was held. The whole experience was amazing!!!!!

We left Wisconsin Rapids around 8 am and arrived in Wausau around 9 am. The class was held in an adorable restored farm house with gorgeous grounds and fun animals. Cathy, the teacher, teaches these classes out of her home and not only teaches you how to hook rugs but treats you like queens for the whole day. This day was not only about learning to rug hook, but it was also a refreshing time spent in an amazing home which had a reflexing feel of simpler times.

Another one of the Cathy's rugs....she had so many of her creations displayed through out her house....I wish I would have taken more pictures of would not believe how many rugs she has done...I am sure hunderds......She has been a very busy girl.

We started off by picking out the pattern we wanted to make, that in itself was many choices. Then after we settled on something we just started in. Here we are in deep thought and hooking away.

Cathy dye's her own wool which I don't even began to understand that process. But on each wall she had shelves of gorgeous wool. Wool is what you use to hook into a burlap like fabric to create your rug. The wool is cut into 1/4 stripes and then woven into the fabric following the design on your pattern. It sounds confussing but it's really not that hard....just very time consuming!!!!

Here is what I decided on and how far I got during the class. I know it is upside down here but that's how I was working on it at the moment.

Cathy even served us a delicious lunch which I didn't expect. She is quit a lady. She has 6 boys her rug hooking business..her home and farm to take care of, plus she travels to shows and teaches at other, I was tired just hearing about it.

It was Cathy's birthday so Joni brought her a birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday.....Joni even had candles!!!!

Here is Cathy's beautiful dining room

After we finished lunch it was time for the baby goats to have theirs. Cathy's husband had the bottles warmed up and ready to roll. We asked if we could come and watch but as you can see we also got involved. Joni and Toni were all smiles as they fed the babies...I was surprised one of them didn't sneak one of them babies into their car...they loved them.

Toni feeding the baby

Joni feeding the baby

Here are the Mommies watching the feeding. Cathy and her family actually milk these gals and drink their milk instead of cows milk. The babies do drink some from their mom's....but most of the mother's milk goes directly into the farm house for the family to enjoy. I asked Cathy if her kids liked goats milk and she said yes they do. I don't think I could have gotten my kids to go for goats milk. I myself have tried goats milk before and I was not impressed. I suppose it is what you get used to. I give Cathy credit...I would love to feed my family with farm raised fixins.

I have been working on my rug at home and am making progress. It is hard because I still have dolls to finish up this week and so I have to split my time between them all. All and all I really enjoy rug hooking...I will probably make another one when I am finished with this but maybe a little smaller piece. I will keep you all posted as the rug progresses.

That's all for now....God Bless.....Rhonda

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

This week I have been trying to replenish my stock of dolls. Things have been selling well and I thank God for that. Here is a new pattern I tried and I really LOVE them. It's a prairie Mother/Daughter....I am almost finished with them....just have a few more finishing touches to add and then I will cinnamon them up for that grungy prim look we all love.

This morning I went to a WELL NEEDED appointment to get my hair colored and cut. I couldn't get an appointment before Easter so I had to sport the gray streak around last weekend....oh well, that's life I guess.

I tried the Cosmetology school here last time I needed a color and I really like it. Mataya, The gal who does my hair, does an awesome job. I don't know what I will do when she graduates. Maybe she will work here in Rapids and I can follow her to her salon when she leaves....we will see.

My mom and sister-in-law have went to cosmetology schools for their hair and I thought I would never try it. but again...I need to learn to never say never. I am so glad I made the splunge to try it....the students are supervised by their teachers and I feel I get above average service there. If anyone has a school close...try it has been a great experience for me so far.

I want to leave you with a picture of my two adorable grandsons, they are my sons boys. Noah is 4 and Carson is a year and 4 months. They are so precious and I LOVE them with ALL my heart!!!!!

I pray they both grow up to be mighty men of GOD.......Lord, please draw them near to you their whole lives, starting now while they are little boys. Please allow Godly people to cross their paths and that they learn your ways and your truth. You love them more then I do Father, I turn them over to you.....BLESS them Lord....Bless them.

In His Name.....AMEM.....Rhonda

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Priceless Family Time

Here is Malachi our 10 year old mare....relaxing and soaking up the sun in the pasture...Isn't she beautiful

What a wonderful Easter we had. We went home (to Spooner, WI) for the weekend and spent time with our family and friends. I cherish every moment I can gather with my family and make precious memories.

Saturday we had our Easter celebration and celebrated my Mom and my Step-Mom's 70th birthday. We had a cookout at my daughter Kara's and also enjoyed family time around the campfire.

Malachi posing for the pic

Here is my Greatta girl....she is about 22 years old....she looks more like a bear here. We need to shed her out...she got a bit wool over the winter.

And last but not is old faithful....our 26 year old gelding....Bo. Bo is worth his weight in gold. He took such good care of both my girls as they were learning to ride years ago. He is so kind, gentle and patient. I could never thank him enough for letting us learn and grow to LOVE horses.

Here is my HOT husband fixing the fence so that our 3 little sweeties won't be found running down the highway one day.

My birthday girl Mom and my Step-Dad Ray

Everyone LOVES a's so relaxing

Here we are enjoying family time

My Mom and my daughter Kara

My 2 beautiful daughters...Kara and Alyssa

My 3 kids....Kasey, Kara and Alyssa

Easter bunny even showed up Easter morning and left my daughters and my son-in-law Easter baskets. You are never too old for a basket full of goodies.

Last but not least, here is Big Ern, Kara and Trav's cat, he found something better then any Easter basket or Catnip.....he for some reason LOVED my step-mom's shoe

He is really into that shoe here......his eyes and his little paws say it all....he was enjoying himself to much and we all were laughing our heads off watching him. Animals do bring a spice to life that's for sure, expecially Big Enr....he is quit the character

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and family time.
That's all for now....God Bless....Rhonda

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You JESUS!!!!

JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE...NO ONE comes to the FATHER but through HIM!!!!!

We look for LIFE through many, material things, romance, food, the list is endless. But do any of these things bring REAL peace and REAL life...NO...they only bring some sort of high for the moment but the feelings soon wears off and we are out, once again, looking for the next high, the next piece of the puzzle that will fit into our lives to make us feel complete and whole.

JESUS says in his word "I am the WAY the TRUTH, and the LIFE". Everlasting LIFE only comes through excepting JESUS into your heart as your Lord and Savior then living for HIM....salvation is FREE...but it will cost you everything....your life...your ways...your will. He will lead you beside RIVERS of LIVING waters where LIFE is abundant and RENEWING everyday.

I just picture in my mind.....lush green grass, beautiful flowers and strong trees growing along the river HE leads me to...This river not only quenches my thirst but fills my soul. The sound of pure water flowing the smell of of fragrant flowers, green grass, and fresh clean air soothes and renews all my senses. That is what JESUS does for us...HE fills our cup our LIVES to overflowing!!!!!!

If you have not made Jesus your Lord and it today...ask him into your heart and start living for HIM and let HIM show you true LIFE!!!!!

Thank you JESUS for the awesome price you paid to give us eternal life...eternal peace...and eternal rest with God. You are an AMAZING God with an AMAZING love and I will forever be eternally thankful for the price you paid for my sin. Please forgive my sin and help me to LIVE FOR YOU everyday!!!!!

God Bless....Rhonda