My Weight Loss Journey

Friday, April 30, 2010

Weigh-In Friday And Busy Week!!!

Weigh-In Friday..............I lost another pound this week...............for a total of 14 pounds lost since March 12th, life is good!!!!!

I spent most of this week in Spooner because I had to work at "The Red Door Antique Mall" on Monday and Tuesday. I had planned on staying until Thursday so I could visit with my family and friends, but I ended up coming down with a cold on Monday and I didn't want to spread it around to everyone so I came back to Rapids last night.

I made a few trips out to our land to check on the progress of our new home. The footings and the basement walls have been poured. They are now working on the plumbing and plan on pouring the basement floor early next week. I took lots of pictures for Brent so he could check out everything. It is so hard for him not to be there during this time. And to top it all off, he found out that they now have to work Saturdays until they get the cranberry vines in the ground. So that will make it hard for us to go home like we had planned. We have decided that we will have to leave after he gets done with work on Saturdays evenings...check things out at the home site on Sunday...then drive back to Rapids so he can be back to work on Monday....sounds like a grind to me....but what do you do?????? As Tim Gunn says..."Make it work!!!!!!

Here is a view of the garage.

The walk out side

This is a view from the of the bedrooms and part of the covered porch

lookin good!!!

You can see the plumber looking at the house plans as he lays the plumbing foundation.

Here are my apple trees.....LOVE THEM!!! They all survived the winter and will have leaves soon.

A view from the apple orchard with our house in the distance. I am also going to add a garden ASAP here....gorgeous!!!!


Antique Mall

I added a twist to my booth at The Red Door Antique Mall in Spooner, WI. I added some WWII tools and other items to my booth...hopefully this will keep the men interested, they need stuff to look at too. There are many men that come in with their wives, they try not to look bored but you can tell that they are. Hopefully looking at tools will entertain them for a little while.

I saw this sign at Market and LOVED it. I believe we all need to take time to Thank A Soldier!!!!! Because of them and their willingness to serve.....we live in the BEST country ever!!!!! Thank you ALL who have and are serving to help keep us FREE!!!!!

My booth re-arranged. While I am re-arranging and adding new items, I never see how it will all come together...but it always does I guess.

A cabinet full of prims.


Horse'in Around

After work on Tuesday, I went over to my girlfriend Shannon's house (warned her I had a cold, but she wanted me to come over anyway). We have been friends for over 20 years and have shared our love for horses, family and God through the years. She is also my massage therapist click here to read about her business "Natural Alternatives Advanced Massage". She has been training her young horses and wanted me to come over and see the progress. I had a BLAST!!!! It brought back so many memories of times spent with my friends and horses.

Here is Shanon riding her gorgeous paint Angel.

Her husband Bill also rides...he is also our Farrier, (trims my horses feet)

Their daughter Gabrielle also rode her mini-pony....I laughed so hard, I could hardly stand it. She looked like she was on a whined up toy. Gabby is one of the sweetest little gals you will ever meet. I remember the day she was born...where has the time gone?????

I took a movie of Gabby's is soooooo cute.

And what a trooper that little pony is....he is as wide as he is tall but kept on a goin, LOL!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the 5K in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I will be running up a storm...wish me luck.

God Bless, Rhonda

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back From Spooner...Had A Surprise Waiting For Me!!!

Sandy from The Olde Country Cupboard had a giveaway last week and I was so blessed to be chosen as one of the winners. When I got home last night, (I have been in Spooner all week) this box of awesome smells and prim offerings was waiting for me. A HUGE thank you Sandy for your generous gift. I am enjoying The Olde Country Cupboard Scent right now and smells WONDERFUL!!!! You inspire and amaze me!!!!!

I have many pictures to post from my week in Spooner, so stay tuned and I will get them posted ASAP. Have a BLESSED day everyone....Rhonda

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weight loss Friday

I want to start out by posting a picture of the home we sold 2 years ago CLICK HERE to see more pictures and read about the journey that brought us here to Rapids. My husband built this beautiful vision with his own 2 hands (that's why it's hard for him to not be there everyday while our house is being built, he is such a perfectionist!!!). I know that by the end of this summer, we will have a beautiful home again and we both are sooo excited for that!!!!


Time to report in on my weight loss, (drum roll please) -2 more pounds gone this week for a grand total of -13 lost since March 12th!!!! So excited!!!!!

I will have to say that I was getting a little frustrated early in the week because I kept losing and gaining the same pound and a half. In the past, this would have made me give up and give in to the goodies. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! I didn't care what the scale said, I was not going to give up. And for some reason this past week I have been annoyingly hungry, but just told myself TOO BAD....I even cut out some foods to get the scale to move. I finally was able to break through this morning...this is the lowest I have weighed in a long time. There is a reward for staying the course if you just keep your mind and cravings UNDER CONTROL. And as for my giving up diet pepsi....still going strong NO POP has touched these lips since I decided to give it up!!!!!

This morning I tried on clothes (gave myself a little fashion show) that I have not been able to wear in wardrobe has tripled, another bonus!!!! I told my husband when we reach goal, we are going to get dressed up and go out for dinner and splurge......he's in!!!! He has also been doing good, he has lost a total of 16 pounds and is still dedicated to his running every morning at 5:30am...what a trooper!!! I hear him downstairs running up a storm, he inspires me so much which keeps me going because he is so dedicated to what ever he does. That's what I love about him...he is a Steady Eddie:) Speaking of running, my 5k run is only 8 days away WOW, things are getting serious now!!!

So I guess what I have learned this week is, that every week is not going to be a breeze but I need to keep pushing through the rough spots and keep my eyes on the prize!!!!!

Here is a pic of my husband sitting on our front step. We had so many beautiful flower gardens which takes years to establish, but we will have them again at our new house, God willing...can't wait!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed and productive weekend....Blessings, Rhonda

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Dolls

I don't have any pictures to share with you on our house progress because we are 3 hours away from it which is very hard for both Brent and I. Brent has talked to the concrete guy we hired and he poured the footing and also the frost wall this week. I am heading to Spooner on Sunday afternoon because I have to work at the Antique Mall on Monday and Tuesday. I will take pictures then and post the progress. I think it's going to be harder then we thought not being able to check on things every night. But, Brent's job is here in Rapids so it is what it is:)

This week I have been working on some new creations. Seeing the 4th of July is coming up soon, I decided to give one of them a prim flag...she is all ready to celebrate our freedom.

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave!!!!

I also made this little gal up...she is a bit smaller and fits on a shelf or tucked away in a cupboard real nicely.

They are both able to hang on a door or shelf peg...I like this door doll option so I try to always make all my dolls this way.

I love her lips...she looks like she went a little heavy on the lip stick but that's what makes her cute I think.

I am going to join my tired husband on the couch. He had not been feeling very well the last few days, he thinks he's coming down with a cold. He loaded himself up with Nyquil after supper tonigh so I am sure he will be out cold soon. While he sleeps I am going to do some stitchin and watch the finale of Project Runway. Tune in tomorrow for Weight Loss Friday...I will post my weight loss and also talk about this weeks journey on Nutrisystem.

God Bless....Rhonda

Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome Weekend!!

We Have A Basement!!!

Last weekend marked the beginning of a very busy but exciting summer for us. On Saturday our house project went into full swing with our basement being dug and our driveway being put in. Above is a picture before they broke ground.

Another before breaking ground pic

Someday, when our house is finished, I will be so glad to have these before pics.

My husband helped dig the basement...he is a very talented man and is very handy!!!

I LOVE this picture...that's my husband shooting the grade.

We hired Lee Jay Norton from Norton Excavating in Spooner, WI to dig and excavate our site. We have known Lee for over 20 years, he does an awesome job!!!!

The equipment.

My husband also ran the bulldozer all day...he loved it!!!!

Lee in the Excavater....go Lee!!!!

My husband dozing up the top soil.

A view from a far.

Getting a little further into it.

These pictures were taken on Sunday, the basement is dug and ready for the concrete guy.

Another view.

Our driveway.

Our house is going to be a walk out...this kinda shows that here.

And here is my hard working man, he really didn't want his pic taken but I took it anyway.


My daughter Kara and my son-inlaw Travis have done some updating in their home. Below are some pics of their beautiful bedroom.

My step-dad did the work...he made this cabinet for Kara, thank you Ray for all your hard did an awesome job!!!

Her tile shower

Her bathroom...almost finished.

My mom helped Kara get everything organized, she worked her butt off all weekend!!!!! Here she is ironing the new curtains Kara picked out.

Kara in her new bedroom.

After a very LONG day of shopping for all the finishing touches for Kara's mom wanted to play Yahtzee....are you serious...we were exhausted. Where does she get her energy???? Look at my sister, her face tells it all....she looks exhausted!!!!

Here we are after our shopping trip. We didn't have room for a hair in the car after we loaded everything up. My sister and mom had a lovely ride home surrounded by mirrors and curtain rods and who knows what else.

They are packed in like sardines.

Last but now least, I will leave you with this picture of my mom...she is such a nut!!!! Never a dull moment with her, I think I know where my youngest daughter Alyssa gets it:) Love you mom...thanks for all your help!!!!

Until next time.....God Bless...Rhonda