My Weight Loss Journey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weight loss Friday

I want to start out by posting a picture of the home we sold 2 years ago CLICK HERE to see more pictures and read about the journey that brought us here to Rapids. My husband built this beautiful vision with his own 2 hands (that's why it's hard for him to not be there everyday while our house is being built, he is such a perfectionist!!!). I know that by the end of this summer, we will have a beautiful home again and we both are sooo excited for that!!!!


Time to report in on my weight loss, (drum roll please) -2 more pounds gone this week for a grand total of -13 lost since March 12th!!!! So excited!!!!!

I will have to say that I was getting a little frustrated early in the week because I kept losing and gaining the same pound and a half. In the past, this would have made me give up and give in to the goodies. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! I didn't care what the scale said, I was not going to give up. And for some reason this past week I have been annoyingly hungry, but just told myself TOO BAD....I even cut out some foods to get the scale to move. I finally was able to break through this morning...this is the lowest I have weighed in a long time. There is a reward for staying the course if you just keep your mind and cravings UNDER CONTROL. And as for my giving up diet pepsi....still going strong NO POP has touched these lips since I decided to give it up!!!!!

This morning I tried on clothes (gave myself a little fashion show) that I have not been able to wear in wardrobe has tripled, another bonus!!!! I told my husband when we reach goal, we are going to get dressed up and go out for dinner and splurge......he's in!!!! He has also been doing good, he has lost a total of 16 pounds and is still dedicated to his running every morning at 5:30am...what a trooper!!! I hear him downstairs running up a storm, he inspires me so much which keeps me going because he is so dedicated to what ever he does. That's what I love about him...he is a Steady Eddie:) Speaking of running, my 5k run is only 8 days away WOW, things are getting serious now!!!

So I guess what I have learned this week is, that every week is not going to be a breeze but I need to keep pushing through the rough spots and keep my eyes on the prize!!!!!

Here is a pic of my husband sitting on our front step. We had so many beautiful flower gardens which takes years to establish, but we will have them again at our new house, God willing...can't wait!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed and productive weekend....Blessings, Rhonda