My Weight Loss Journey

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weigh-In Friday A Day Late And I am On My Way To School This Fall

I arrived back in Rapids last night so my weigh-in got pushed off until today. But to my surprise this morning, when I hopped on the scale, it showed I lost 3 pounds last week...WOO HOO....I should go home more often!!!! I had a very busy week in Spooner but I loved every minute of it!!!! So, I have lost a total of 20.5 pounds in 11 weeks...SO EXCITED!!!!

When I was home, I got to spend some time with my precious grandsons, Noah and Carson. They, along with my 3 kids are my pride and joy that's for sure. We went out to feed the horses some carrots, Noah enjoyed it but Carson...not so much.

A pic of Shannon and Alyssa riding and Kara leading them. The horse they are riding is Bo, he is 27...the other horse in the pic is Malachi, she is 12. I am sure I will be posting more pictures of them as the summer continues. They are the BEST horses EVER!!!!! We LOVE them so much!!!!

Noah feeding Gretta a carrot...excuse Gretta's hair do, she is shedding out very slowly this year. I debated if I wanted to even share this picture because she looks so awful (maybe she should be my first client for a haircut/makeover) but Noah was too cute not to post it!!!! She will shed out soon and will be her beautiful self's tough to get old, Gretta is 23.

My sister and Carson, I love this picture!!!

Carson with dreamy precious!!

I made a dessert and the boys enjoyed licking the beaters...they are sooo cute!! Like Father like son's, their dad LOVED to lick the beaters too when he was little...still does I am sure:)

And here I am, the proud Granny with my precious little boys. I was also like Gretta not having the best hair day here. Oh well, you'll have I said, it's tough to get old, lol!!!

Speaking of hair, when I arrived back here in Rapids yesterday, there was a letter waiting for was a acceptance letter from Mid-State College saying that I have been accepted into the Cosmetology program for the Fall semester, I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! As I blogged in a few posts back, you can read about it here I was on a waiting list. Well, I am off the list and ON MY WAY...I AM SO HAPPY!!!! And to make it even better, some of my credits from about 20 years ago when I went to school for word processing are transferring....BONUS!!!! Thank you Jesus for this awesome blessings and for answering my prayer!!!!

And speaking of answered son Kasey was in a motorcycle accident on his way to work on Thursday morning around 6:30am. He put on his brakes to avoid hitting a deer and his front wheel locked up on his Harley and he ended up tipping over and sliding down the middle of the road going who knows how fast, he was transfer to the emergency room by ambulance. When my daughters and I got there, they had already given him quit a bit of pain meds because he had road rash really bad, a dislocated big toe and a broken foot. I PRAISE GOD that was all he had because he was NOT wearing a helmet. I have told him and told him to wear a helmet, but of course he would not listen to his Mother (so stubborn) I have said MANY prayers asking God to protect him. On Thursday my prayers were answered, he didn't even hit his head during the whole ordeal, we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!! I am sure my son will be wearing a helmet from now on...I can only hope!!!! He is having surgery on his foot on Tuesday and I will continue praying for his healing and that he learned a good lesson. We all need to pray for our children...God answers the prayers of a praying Mother!!!!

I have much more to share about my week and many more picture. I went over to our new house project everyday I was home and took lots of pics of the progress. And also, I stocked my booth at the Antique Mall with lots of goodies and took lots of pics of that too. So stay tuned, I will post them soon.

Have a blessed and safe weekend everyone....Rhonda


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss, that is fantastic, keep up the good work. Are the grandkids the best!! Have a great week. Oh and congrats on the acceptance letter too!

colonialhomestead said...

Wait loss & Your acceptance letter Congrat's to you! In the name of Jesus may he see your son thru his surgery & bless him with a speedy recovery Amen. Added this need to the little red prayer box.

Farm Field Primitives said...

Wow what a great week you had....weight loss, acceptance letter, seeing family. Best part was that your son was safe. Have a great holiday weekend.

Carmen C. said...

Rhonda, first off, Thank God your son is okay!!!! Congrats on the cosmetology school and the weight loss, that is AWESOME! I'm slowly chippin' away at mine, I've lost 8 lbs. since the end of March but have alot more to go! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

upnorth said...

Great to see you here in Spooner! Sorry about Kasey, but maybe he'll listen to his Mama now! We will pray for his surgery! Cute grandkids! And congrats on the pounds off and school is on! Earl