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Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy Weekend

Me and my precious grandson Carson....I was in my glory spending time with him!!!!!!

Brent and I went home Friday night. We had to do some running for our house project and also I wanted to spend Mother's Day with my kids. Our first stop was out at our land checking out the house progress. The basement is ready for the floor to be poured which was suppose to happen today. If all goes well, our builder is scheduled to start building tomorrow or Wednesday....awesome, can't wait!!!!!

We decided to put in-floor heat in our home. We didn't put it in our last home and regretted it, so this time we went the extra mile and went for it.

A close-up of the floor.

Happy Mother's Day

My kids....son Kasey, grandson Carson, daughter Alyssa, myself and daughter Kara....I love them with all my heart!!!!!

We had a cookout to celebrate Mother's Day and also mine and Jessica's (Kara friend from high-school) birthday's. Kara made a chocolate cake from scratch, I did have a little taste of was delicious!!!! But I am still going strong on my Nutrisystem.

Jessica and I

Kasey and Carson

Me and my kids


After dinner, Kara and I gave makeovers....Jessica wanted her hair colored and Kasey needed a hair cut so we got busy.

Jessica is excited for her new hair do.

Jessica and it girl!!!!!

Me giving Kasey a hair cut.

I gave my son Kasey a haircut. I told him that when I start school and I get a few weeks under my belt, the hair cuts will get better. Until then, I will do my best. He has been cutting his own hair so anything has to be better then that,LOL!!!!!

He was nervous I was going to cut too much off the top. Maybe I missed my opportunity to get him back for his teenage years....oh well, maybe next time:)


After the hair cuts were finished, we all sat around the campfire and enjoyed the beautiful night together.

Kara and Jessica....lookin good Jessica!!!! Kara did such a good job on her hair!!!!

Kara, Mike and Jessica. We were trying to get Mike and Jessica hooked up....a little match making at the fire....we will see what happens:)

Kasey, Carson and this pic!!!!!

Me and Carson....I LOVE this little boy so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I had to put this pic on twice:)

We are now back in Rapids and Brent is in full swing planting cranberry vines. He is hoping to plant 45 acres in 10 as you can imagine he is a workin fool.

That's it for now....until next time....Blessings, Rhonda


upnorth said...

Glad you came home for fun! I had a great Mother's Day with Erika and Trevor! We grilled out and sat around! See you another time! Earl

colonialhomestead said...

Having family around is always a blessing. So glad you had a wonderful day.