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Friday, May 21, 2010

Weigh-In Friday, Home Sweet Home And The Cranberry Vines Are Planted

I am still prim'in...I am sure you are all wondering if I gave it up because I have not had much to show you for awhile. This week, I have been trying to finish up these dolls to put in my booth at the Antique Mall in Spooner. They all are work in progress but I will get them finished up ASAP!!!!!

And here is a little Annie door doll. She will be holding an American Flag just in time for the 4th of July...adorable!!!! I will post pictures of all these dolls finished and in my booth next week.

The Cranberry Vines All Planted!!!!

My husband and his crew planted 45 acres of cranberry vines in 6, that is amazing!!!!! They beat their record from last year which was 10 days to plant 45 acres. Above is a picture of the first pass of vines being planted in this bed. It takes 5 years to get the first crop...a lot of TLC until them.

The bed on the left is planted...the bed on the right they are working on. The beds are almost 4 acres each and they planted 12 beds. They finished on Monday...I am so proud of him, he is such a hard worker!!!!

This one is finished and the tender loving care has begun, there will be a whole summer of this!!!!

A close up of the vines planted in the ground. Cranberry vines go dormant in the winter and come to life in the summer month. They get very green and lush and produce the beautiful cranberry.

Home Sweet Home...We Have Walls!!!!

We headed to Spooner on Tuesday for a quick trip home. We had to pick out some things regarding the house project and of course we spent some time watching and looking over the progress so far.
I could not believe that there were walls up already!!!!! This is a view of the front of the house.

A view of the back.

My husband looking over the was so cool to walk through it with a roof over our heads...PROGRESS!!!!!

Here is what will be our dining room..I LOVE all the windows!!!! I think it will be my favorite room in the house!!!!

My husband looking the plan kills him not be there everyday looking everything over but, work is in Rapids for now so that's life. We are SOOOO happy with our builder...he is a perfectionist and is doing an AWESOME job!!!!! And a FAST one at that!!!

A front view of our house...and Brent and Matt looking over the plan and talking things over.

Garage and house view.

Our builder, Matt and Brent heading in to check things out.

The water line was being dug in on Tuesday...I was glad I was there to get some pics of it.

On Tuesday, they poured our garage floor. I was glad I was there to get this pic also.

A view toward what will be our front yard.

Brent and Matt talking things over.

The walls are going up..YES!!!! It was so cool to walk around in what will someday soon be my awesome!!!!

A view of the side of the house.

Garage floor minutes after being poured.

A view of the front of the house.

Garage floor and more walls up. Matt said they are scheduled to set the trusses on Monday so we will have a roof next week. I am heading to Spooner today and will be there until I will have many more pictures so share next week on the progress of our home.

Weight Loss For The Week

This morning I was down a .5 pound, I am sure it had something to do with the pizza my husband and I had Tuesday night, and it was NOT Nutrisystem pizza either!!!! Oh well, I'm over it and I have been full NS since...sometimes you just need to take a break:). As I said, I am heading to Spooner this morning and I am sure my girls will keep me very busy next week so I am expecting it to show on the scale during my next weigh-in. I also have to work at the Antique Mall on Tuesday and Wednesday so I have a very busy week ahead of me in Spooner...but I LOVE IT!!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone and I will post again when I get home, Rhonda


At Home With Amy said...

Yes your new home is definitely going up quick. I bet you are getting excited. Love you new crafts. Such talent you have.
Enjoy your weekend Rhonda.
Hugs, AMY

upnorth said...

Maybe we can connect while you are here!!! See you soon! Good job on the house and weight loss!! Blessings, Earl

colonialhomestead said...

Before you know it you will be hanging things on the walls. Happy new house to you! Love that Annie doll.

In His service, Anne said...

Oh how exciting!!! That must be awesome, having a home built!! Ours was built in 1850, sometimes I'd like a "new" place :). Congrats on the weight loss..I'm down 50 big ones since last year, its soo worth the work..keep it up!! LOOOve your horses!! Have a great week!

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,