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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet Summer Time.....LOVE IT!!!

As promised, here are more pictures of my latest creations, my booth at the Antique Mall, our house (it has a roof!!) and more pics of us just enjoying Sweet Summer Time!!!!

My daughter gave me these wonderful flour sack bags, she found them at a thrift store and thought I might be able to use them in my prims. She was RIGHT!!! I stitched on the front of them (We Are So Blessed) stained them up and then filled them with little kitties. I added a coffee stained American flag on a twig to finish off the look....LOVE IT!!!! You can't see it real well here, but I added and strap so you could hang it up anywhere you would like.

Kitty ready to celebrate our freedom on the 4th of July.

And here is Lady Liberty in all her glory, I used a vintage tablecloth for her dress.

And this little gal has a very innocent looking face...I really like her lips.

And here is a kitty door doll for all you cat lovers.

And Annie is all decked out for the 4th of July....she is ready for the fireworks to begin.

Here is a prim horse in honor of our 3 wonderful horses, Bo, Gretta and Malachi.

A full view of my booth at the Red Door Antique Mall in Spooner, WI. I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday, we were not real busy so I had time to re-do my booth. I took everything out and reorganized, dusted and took out the Spring items and added Summer items.

Full of lots of goodies:)

A little bit of everything, I try to stock it with not only my prims but also vintage kitchen items. I LOVE vintage kitchen!!!!

And a bench full of treasures...I am ready for business and the Summer rush.

My daughter Kara and I worked on her garden Saturday. We weeded for hours getting it ready to plant. Here she is giving it a final rotatilling before we planted it.

The next day Kara and her husband Travis extended it because this garden is going to provide veggies for all of us, I wonder who is going to get stuck doing all the weeding...I guess we will soon see:) I can't wait til stuff starts coming up, it's going to be a beautiful garden!!!

We spent some time with our horses, they are so precious!!!! We have many, many wonderful memories of these guys. We used to show them every weekend in the Summer, they have lots and lots of miles on them...trailer miles and show ring miles. We LOVE them and will always consider them part of the family!!!!!

Kara, Alyssa and Shannon...Summer Fun!!!!

My daughter Kara is feeding her horse Malachi some cabbage, I was surprised she liked just never know.


They set the trusses last Monday, things are happening pretty fast.

Here is a front view of our house, on the left is the garage.

The next day they had the sheeting on the roof...woo hoo!!!

front/side view

This is a side view...this is the side that faces the road.

A view of the back.


Back view, I love our walk out basement.

The other side of the house...this side faces the woods.

And here is a view of our house from the road. I am so happy with everything so far, we are so blessed!!!!

I have a update on my son, he went to the orthopedic surgeon today, they did tests and x-rays and he will be having surgery on his foot on Friday. They said it's a bad break and he will be laid up for about 1 month after surgery which means his summer is going to get interesting. Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughtful comments about my son and his means so much to me!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now. Stay tuned for weight-in Friday, hopefully I will have a good week in the weigh loss department. Blessings to everyone....Rhonda


upnorth said...

Your house pics are amazing! I will pray for Kasey as he heads for surgery and healing time! May God meet him! Earl

PrimWyoGirl said...

Rhonda, I love all your new creations! Your kitties are wonderful! You have a big garden! I have given up on mine for now. I just don't have time to stay on top of it. Your house is coming along nicely. I bet you are so excited! Congrats on the weight loss! Hope your reach your goal soon!
Hugs, Jayne

colonialhomestead said...

I will continue to believe & trust the Lord with you for your sons speedy recovery & strenght for his caretaker during his recovery time.
I am excited for you to be getting such a lovely home I can't wait til you finish & move in. How fun it will be for you to put your own touch to it. All of your handmade prims are wonderful.

the primitive country bug said...

I so wish I lived closer so I could come visit your booth at the antique mall. I just love looking at the pictures of it when you post.
Your house is going to be beautiful. I hope it all continues to go smoothly and quickly.
Blessings to you and your family.