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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Market We Will Go....And We Went

We are home from market.....actually we were home a week ago on Monday but I have been really bad about updating my blog lately...sorry. I have been busy planting flowers, doing laundry, cooking dinners, moving my daughter from college, and last but not least making dolls like a mad woman.

Back to our market trip. We had a BLAST!!!! I have never seen so many trinkets in one spot in my life. It's like giving a drink to a drunk while you are there because you have to suppress your will to want to buy EVERYTHING.

Here is a picture of inside the coliseum where the market was held. I snapped 3 pictures before I was told that I could not take anymore. I understand why though....she said some people take pictures and then go home and copy other peoples ideas. But I just wanted my pics for my blog so I could share them with you all...but I totally understand why they don't want pics taken.

Another pic inside the building

These pictures do not even begin to show how full of vendors this coliseum was.

A pile of straw filled primitive bears...Joni bought some of these beauty's

Well anyway....not one told me I could not take pictures outside while vendors were unloading so I had my own little photo shot out there, here it goes.

Here is some of the furniture Joni purchased. This furniture is all homemade near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Doug, the owner of the shop and the creator of this furniture, is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!!!! He is soooooo talented and his shop is sooooo AWESOME!!!!

We spent the day before the Market show at Doug's shop. He has antiques splashed in with his handmade furniture. I bought 3 beautiful antique pieces from him and a couple of his handmade furniture pieces and I LOVE them all!!! I would take a picture and show you them but they are in storage right how because this rental is too small for anymore furniture. Someday soon when we get our new house (I still have faith for our house) I will enjoy them.

I passed on a gorgeous antique shelve he had in his shop and I am still kicking my self.....I have learned that when you see a antique you like....BUY IT!!!! It's not like you can just order another one like it up...oh and learn. Here is Doug's website if you want to see his awesome furniture and his adorable shop.

Lisa and Joni are busy here loading up the truck. We had the whole trailer couldn't have fit a hair in there after we the guys loaded it with all our goodies.

Joni was busy shopping outside while the vendors were unloading
The early bird gets the snooze you loose....the squeaky wheel gets the grease....all these apply while you are trying to get the first pickins :) The vendors were actually happy to let us shop outside, they said the more we buy the less they have to haul in. They are on a mission too....SELL, SELL, SELL.

Joni trying to decide which one will be the BIG SELLER

This chair is absolutely gorgeous in person....Joni bought this beauty and it is sitting in shop as we speak. This chair would have been prefect at our house (the one we sold) sitting under our covered porch. Some day I will have a cover porch again and I will have one of these beauty's sitting under it :)

The furniture was lined up and ready to load

Some of the vendors unloading their goodies

Load em' up and move em' out

We tuckered this poor fella plum out

Doug's guys, sleeping Butch is one of them, were so nice...... they loaded all our furniture in the trailer and truck for us. After we ALL thought we were all done shopping the trailer was shut and ready to roll.....we just had to make a few more swoops through the coliseum, just in case we missed something ya know. Well of course, out we came with more goodies in our arms and you should have seen their faces.....priceless!!!! You could just read their minds saying "how are we going to pack that stuff in the trailer now"......."stop shopping!!!!"

Well after a long but FUN day we started our 8 hour journey back to Wisconsin Rapids. Joni did most of the driving. She had never pulled a trailer before and she was a little nerves, but she did such a good job.....I was so proud of her.

The only spot that was a little nerve racking was in Chicago. She DID NOT want to go over this bridge.

I looked over at her hands while we were going over the bridge and she was white knuckling it the whole way over....of course I had to pull out the camera and snap a pic, she is such a good sport.

Here is Joni pulling that trailer like a pro!!!!!!!

Lisa in the back seat all smiles

I could NOT believe all the tolls we had to go about highway robbery. The roads where the tolls were set up were the bumpiest roads we traveled....our tax and toll dollars at work...NOT.

I was horrified at the traffic in Chicago

We hit Chicago during the worst time...rush hour, it was bumper to bumper for MILES..ick!!!!!

I don't understand how people live in this everyday....I guess I am a country girl and always will be!!!!!! In Spooner, Wisconsin my hometown we have rush minutes and that's the way I like it!!!!!

The tall building in the back ground is the Sears Tower....I had to snap a pic.

Well, that's about it. I had pictures of the day we spent at Doug's shop and some pictures of us in the hotel but somehow I erased them. My disk was full and I was trying to make room so I could take pictures at Market and some how they disappeared....I was SOOOO mad. I learned a lesson....slow down and watch which buttons you are pushing!!!!!!

Thank you Jesus for the safe trip and for letting me met and spend time with such awesome friends. I am a blessed woman!!!!



Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh how I would love to have been there with you guys~ I would have wanted to buy everything too:)

Love the furniture and glad you had a great time:)

upnorth said...

Glad you had fun!!! Chicago, that toddling town!!! See you soon!!Earlene