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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Year Oldler But Wiser, I Hope

Sorry I have been slipping on updating my blog lately. I have been a very busy girl but just haven't taken the time to sit down and put it into words and pictures.

To start off, yesterday was my 49th birthday...(where have the years gone...I still feel 29). Age is just a number...that's what I say now but next year when I turn 50, I might be rethinking that statement. But my Mom always says "You know how to stop getting older don't you....die young" so that statement, from a very wise woman, has always made getting another year older not big deal to me :)

Here's another statement she used to say to me a lot while my kids were little and they were fighting and making messes and doing things kids do to make a Mother's head spin right off her shoulders...she would say...."this too shall pass"...and she was right. But now I miss those good ole days!!!!!

Anyway, my husband hand delivered these beautiful flowers to me on my birthday (thank you honey, you are so thoughtful) and also took me out for dinner. Before our dinner date, we stopped at Altel and renewed our cellphone contract (fun, fun) and we both got new cell phones so I guess I can also say I got a new cellphone for my birthday which I needed very badly...mine pooped out on me the other day. We added texting to our plan so I am now in the world of texting...look out!!!!!

My Daughter Kara surprised me with these BEAUTIFUL old sewing machines for my birthday. I LOVE old sewing machines and she knows it. I have about 5 of them right now and plan on someday decorating with them when we get a house someday.....I still have FAITH for my new house!!!!

I LOVE all the gold detail on this machine. Thank you Kara so much for blessing me with this know your Mother so well. You a my precious gift from God!!!!!

My daughter Alyssa had this adorable pan custom made with my name on it and a cross delivered to me for my birthday...I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you Alyssa...we will have to have some Mother/Daughter time together and fill it will a new recipe :) You are also my precious gift from God :)!!!!!

And for my son Kasey....well, you know how boys are not sentimental.....he did give me a gift on facebook though which was pretty funny. He said when I come home to Spooner he has a card for me until then..he gave me his humor which he has plenty of, he has ALWAYS had a way of making me laugh, even when he was a little boy......He is also my precious gift from God!!!!

Here is what I have been working on the past few weeks

I started this little gal last week, she is so close yet so far from being done. The small detailed finishing touches are so time consuming but I am hoping to get her finished up today. My vision for her is to be wearing a prairie bonnet and also holding a bouquet of Sweet Annie...but time will tell.

Here is a cat family...this pattern is from Walnut Ridge Primitives and the pattern is Milly & Tuck

These horses are also close to being finished...hopefully today..this is my own pattern

These pigs are so cute....they are ready to head to the Country Freckles. This pattern is from Sassafras Hill Primitives

The Three Little Pigs

I came across a blog the other day and it really impressed here to see it. She made the most beautiful crocheted pillows I have ever seen.

Years ago when my kids were little, I used to knit and Step-Mom taught me how. While I was pregnant with each of my 3 kids, I would sit at night and knit or crochet a baby afghan for my baby and was so excited to wrap them up in it during our homecoming from the hospital.

All 3 of my kids, who are now adults, still have the baby afghan I made especially for them. But as the years have gone by.....knitting and crocheting have not been high on my list of hand work. But because I admired the pillows displayed on the blog and found that the pattern was posted....I got out some yarn and started in.

I only had red yarn (Annie hair) available to me right now so that is what I had to use. But if I do find time to make these pillows....I will have to go yarn shopping and pick out some bold and vibrant colors.

I also came across a quilting blog click here to view her blog.....that I really enjoyed and it inspired me to start a nine patch quilt. I found at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago, a pack of fabric that was already cut into 4" squares. So I dig them out and got started yesterday deciding I needed a break from my dolls. My quilt is a work in progress and I am not sure how long it will take....but I will work on it her and there and will keep you posted on it's progress.

Last but not least, my daughter Alyssa is done with her Junior year of college and is Spooner bound to work at her old job as a waitress at Jo Mama's. Jo Mama's is a cafe she has worked at since she was 16. She makes really good money there and Jo (the owner) loves her.

So seeing we moved last fall.....we could not find the apron I made for her last year so I had to whip up a new for this season. Along with putting her name on it, she also wanted a bible verse on the pocket. This is her favorite bible verse Hebrews 12:1 and she will be sporting it with pride this summer as she runs around at Jo's like a chicken with her head cut gets VERY busy there which is a good thing.

Well, that's about it for now. I am heading to my sewing room to finish up projects and probably start new ones knowing me. Hope you all have a BLESSED day....until next time....God Bless...Rhonda