My Weight Loss Journey

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Crossed The Finish Line

Today I finished up my work-in-progress projects and wanted to share them with you.

Here is a cute cat family waiting for a new home.....Mama's tag says "I Love Cats"

This Mama's tag says "Cats For Sale"

This is the first time I tried sculpted hands (made her real fingers) and am pretty happy with them and think it adds a new twist and variety to my dolls.

I went to an Estate sale a couple weeks ago and found some crystal vintage clip-on earrings. I used one of them for the closure pin on her lace shawl.....LOVE the sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!!!!

Here she is sitting on the couch resting a spell.

And here she is hanging on the wall, but she would also look adorable hanging on a door as a door doll.

A primitive horse

These horses can hang anywhere you want a primitive simpler time look

I really like these horses, they are a tribute to our 3 awesome Quarter horses Bo, Malachi and Gretta and the wonderful years my daughters and I had together showing them at horse shows. Those are years that I will always cherish in my heart and miss those good ole days so much!!!!!

Here are some song bird pinkeep cushions I finished up...LOVE THEM!!!

How CUTE!!!!

They would look so cute sitting on a shelf or tucked away in a prim cupboard

They are ready to fly off to the Country Freckles

Here is everyone loaded up in my totes and they are Country Freckles bound

Speaking of Country Freckles......I am going with Joni, the owner of the Country Freckles, to market this weekend. It is in Fort Wayne, Indiana an 8 hour drive one way from here. We are leaving Saturday night around 7pm and are planning on getting back sometime on Monday. We are pulling a trailer and I am sure it will be filled to the top with goodies for Joni's shop. I have always wanted to go to market and for sure will be bringing my camera and will share as much of this experience as I can with you all. I am sure I will see all kinds of things I will want, but I have to resist the temptation because we live in a rental right now and we can't fit anything else in the storage building.

That's it for now...I finished my goals for the week and am very happy about that and now I am heading to bed....God Bless....Rhonda