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Friday, May 8, 2009

Spooner Time And New Handmade Primitives

This week I went home to Spooner and spent some time with my daughter Kara, I enjoyed our time together so much. She gave me for Mother's Day the cutest handmade garden bench, it's just adorable.
And them for my birthday which is May 13th, she surprised me with an antique singer sewing is AMAZING......and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I will post a picture of it next post. She is such an awesome daughter and she knows just what her Mother LOVES!!!! It's pretty cool when your kids know you that well :)

I also enjoyed spending some time with my Mom on Wednesday, we went shopping a Hayward and also had lunch together. She is going to come and spend the week with me this coming week, I am looking forward to that!!!!

Well in my primitive sewing world here are a few of the items I finished up last week. I made a Topsy Turvey prairie doll and I think she turned out so adorable. All you have to do is tuck one doll into the skirt of the other and you can tuck her in a cupboard, set her on a shelf or display her on a end table....the possibilities are endless. She stands up real nice by herself which is a feature I really like.

Or you can display them together side by side and have 2 dolls in 1. I have them spread out like this to show you how they are hooked together.

Here is the black dress...I LOVE their stitch aprons.

I made some prairie dresses in several colors, they are a real hit right now.

Blue Homespun

A blue and maroon homespun

I LOVE this one. I was not sure about it when I started, but was pleasantly surprised how it turned out.

A burgundy homespun dress

And here is a stitch dress sampler...."Every time a child is born so is a Grandma"....cute!!!

On the way to Spooner, there was a storm brewing on the horizon. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures while driving.....don't worry, I was very careful :)

There is something about a stormy sky that is so threatening but yet so beautiful....go figure.

That's all for now....Until next time....God Bless.....Rhonda


Wendy said...

Happy Mothers Day Rhonda!!! I love all of your new creations!!! I hope you have a wonderful week with your mom!!Take care!~Wendy

Leslie said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day :)

I love everything you have been working on. The topsy turvy doll is adorable! Great work :)


basketsnprims said...

Love your new things ~ I bought the topsy turvy doll pattern but haven't made it yet. Have a wonderful day.