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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Creations And The Country Freckle Gets a New Look

Today I finished up the primitives I have been working on this week and brought my creations to the Country Freckle. Joni and I have been talking about trying to bring out a more primitive look to her the front of her today was the day we dug in and got it done.

I really LOVE this little gal....she is so precious and sweet, the tag that is hanging off the lighted candle says "God Bless America". This has been so heavy on my heart lately....Jesus, please bless this land that I love and your people!!!!!

The little gal was made from a pattern by Drakestone Primitives

I decided I was in the mood to make some I looked through my patterns and found what I was looking for. This picture is a bit dark but I wanted to show how cute they look hanging.

I found these little flags at the dollar store and LOVED THEM. I coffee stained them and baked them in the oven and positioned them so they when they dried, they looked like they were flapping in the it!!!!

I left this guys beak dark....I guess I like them done both ways dark or yellow. I also have a tag hanging from his mouth that says "God Bless America" AMEN to that!!!!!!!

On this one the tags says "Welcome Summer". This pattern is from Tennessee Ridge Primtives

I had to make more cats all the other sets I made are gone

Cat's For Sale

Now for our Freckle make over.....Here is the before picture, we had the doors all laid out and ready for action.

We didn't really have a plan...we just knew that we wanted to hinge the doors altogether and prop them up along the front of the building and from there we would create as we went.

Joni even bought a new power drill for our project....she is putting it through the moves here....a woman with a power tool....things could get dangerous :)

Here we got the first 2 doors hinged together and the rest of them standing up right but then we had a lull in the action because we got a few customers. We had worked around the business to keep the money rollin in.

Getting closer to our finished look....the doors are all hinged here and the rest of the project just kinda came together as we went along. But I will tell you that tip on the power drill took a big hit. By the time we finished screwing every thing down and I mean everything down..... that tip looked like someone had chewed off the was pretty funny....that thing got worked over!!!!

Finished....we were pretty happy with our final look

I think the front of the store screams...."come and see what's in here" and that is what we were trying to achieve.

I don't know about you, but the outside of a primitive shop draws me in peaks my interest as to what treasures could be waiting for me on the inside and believe be, Joni has some awesome treasure inside this store!!!!

Well, that is what I was up to today....doing what I love...creating and decorating on a beautiful sunny day.

Tomorrow I am heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My nephew is graduating from high school Friday night. Our family is going to go and cheer him on and enjoying spending time together. And then on Sunday, my daughter Alyssa is running in a half marathon (13 miles) in Minneapolis, MN so I am going to go watch her enjoy her passion....running.

p.s. she didn't get running passion from me :)...I'm lucky if I can run down the end of the driveway and back.

God Bless....Rhonda


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I absolutly love the finished look...I'm the same way the outside has to be interesting for me to go the doors what a great backdrop it made!

Colleen said...

Love ... love ... love what you created with all of those doors and outside decor. So adorable and inviting. Sweet blog too.