My Weight Loss Journey

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

This week I have been trying to replenish my stock of dolls. Things have been selling well and I thank God for that. Here is a new pattern I tried and I really LOVE them. It's a prairie Mother/Daughter....I am almost finished with them....just have a few more finishing touches to add and then I will cinnamon them up for that grungy prim look we all love.

This morning I went to a WELL NEEDED appointment to get my hair colored and cut. I couldn't get an appointment before Easter so I had to sport the gray streak around last weekend....oh well, that's life I guess.

I tried the Cosmetology school here last time I needed a color and I really like it. Mataya, The gal who does my hair, does an awesome job. I don't know what I will do when she graduates. Maybe she will work here in Rapids and I can follow her to her salon when she leaves....we will see.

My mom and sister-in-law have went to cosmetology schools for their hair and I thought I would never try it. but again...I need to learn to never say never. I am so glad I made the splunge to try it....the students are supervised by their teachers and I feel I get above average service there. If anyone has a school close...try it has been a great experience for me so far.

I want to leave you with a picture of my two adorable grandsons, they are my sons boys. Noah is 4 and Carson is a year and 4 months. They are so precious and I LOVE them with ALL my heart!!!!!

I pray they both grow up to be mighty men of GOD.......Lord, please draw them near to you their whole lives, starting now while they are little boys. Please allow Godly people to cross their paths and that they learn your ways and your truth. You love them more then I do Father, I turn them over to you.....BLESS them Lord....Bless them.

In His Name.....AMEM.....Rhonda