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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Priceless Family Time

Here is Malachi our 10 year old mare....relaxing and soaking up the sun in the pasture...Isn't she beautiful

What a wonderful Easter we had. We went home (to Spooner, WI) for the weekend and spent time with our family and friends. I cherish every moment I can gather with my family and make precious memories.

Saturday we had our Easter celebration and celebrated my Mom and my Step-Mom's 70th birthday. We had a cookout at my daughter Kara's and also enjoyed family time around the campfire.

Malachi posing for the pic

Here is my Greatta girl....she is about 22 years old....she looks more like a bear here. We need to shed her out...she got a bit wool over the winter.

And last but not is old faithful....our 26 year old gelding....Bo. Bo is worth his weight in gold. He took such good care of both my girls as they were learning to ride years ago. He is so kind, gentle and patient. I could never thank him enough for letting us learn and grow to LOVE horses.

Here is my HOT husband fixing the fence so that our 3 little sweeties won't be found running down the highway one day.

My birthday girl Mom and my Step-Dad Ray

Everyone LOVES a's so relaxing

Here we are enjoying family time

My Mom and my daughter Kara

My 2 beautiful daughters...Kara and Alyssa

My 3 kids....Kasey, Kara and Alyssa

Easter bunny even showed up Easter morning and left my daughters and my son-in-law Easter baskets. You are never too old for a basket full of goodies.

Last but not least, here is Big Ern, Kara and Trav's cat, he found something better then any Easter basket or Catnip.....he for some reason LOVED my step-mom's shoe

He is really into that shoe here......his eyes and his little paws say it all....he was enjoying himself to much and we all were laughing our heads off watching him. Animals do bring a spice to life that's for sure, expecially Big Enr....he is quit the character

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and family time.
That's all for now....God Bless....Rhonda