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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rug Hooking Class On The Farm

Here is one of the wool hook rugs the teacher made...this picture does NOT do this rug is stunning in person!!!!!

Saturday I was blessed to have been able to attend a rug hooking class. Joni, from the Country Freckles, invited me to attend there were 7 of us all together. I had such a fun day enjoying the company of these very talented ladies and also enjoying the atmosphere where the class was held. The whole experience was amazing!!!!!

We left Wisconsin Rapids around 8 am and arrived in Wausau around 9 am. The class was held in an adorable restored farm house with gorgeous grounds and fun animals. Cathy, the teacher, teaches these classes out of her home and not only teaches you how to hook rugs but treats you like queens for the whole day. This day was not only about learning to rug hook, but it was also a refreshing time spent in an amazing home which had a reflexing feel of simpler times.

Another one of the Cathy's rugs....she had so many of her creations displayed through out her house....I wish I would have taken more pictures of would not believe how many rugs she has done...I am sure hunderds......She has been a very busy girl.

We started off by picking out the pattern we wanted to make, that in itself was many choices. Then after we settled on something we just started in. Here we are in deep thought and hooking away.

Cathy dye's her own wool which I don't even began to understand that process. But on each wall she had shelves of gorgeous wool. Wool is what you use to hook into a burlap like fabric to create your rug. The wool is cut into 1/4 stripes and then woven into the fabric following the design on your pattern. It sounds confussing but it's really not that hard....just very time consuming!!!!

Here is what I decided on and how far I got during the class. I know it is upside down here but that's how I was working on it at the moment.

Cathy even served us a delicious lunch which I didn't expect. She is quit a lady. She has 6 boys her rug hooking business..her home and farm to take care of, plus she travels to shows and teaches at other, I was tired just hearing about it.

It was Cathy's birthday so Joni brought her a birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday.....Joni even had candles!!!!

Here is Cathy's beautiful dining room

After we finished lunch it was time for the baby goats to have theirs. Cathy's husband had the bottles warmed up and ready to roll. We asked if we could come and watch but as you can see we also got involved. Joni and Toni were all smiles as they fed the babies...I was surprised one of them didn't sneak one of them babies into their car...they loved them.

Toni feeding the baby

Joni feeding the baby

Here are the Mommies watching the feeding. Cathy and her family actually milk these gals and drink their milk instead of cows milk. The babies do drink some from their mom's....but most of the mother's milk goes directly into the farm house for the family to enjoy. I asked Cathy if her kids liked goats milk and she said yes they do. I don't think I could have gotten my kids to go for goats milk. I myself have tried goats milk before and I was not impressed. I suppose it is what you get used to. I give Cathy credit...I would love to feed my family with farm raised fixins.

I have been working on my rug at home and am making progress. It is hard because I still have dolls to finish up this week and so I have to split my time between them all. All and all I really enjoy rug hooking...I will probably make another one when I am finished with this but maybe a little smaller piece. I will keep you all posted as the rug progresses.

That's all for now....God Bless.....Rhonda


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