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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank Heavens for Little Girls

Alyssa came for a visit this weekend, it was SO nice to have her here. We took a trip into Wisconsin Rapids. We picked up some groceries and hunted for a shower curtain for her apartment. We ended up not finding one we I dug and dug here at the house and kicked up one that I had packed away in a box (imagine that) ...she was THRILLED!!!! Brent and I made her homemade veggie beef soup to take back to college with her along with some other goodies. She enjoyed her weekend reading and relaxing in her own bed. She is such a sweetheart and I am SO proud of her. Wisconsin Rapids is not home for either of us....Spooner is and always will be, but we are trying to get use to this different environment and trying to make some memories here.

I always treasure the time I spend with any of my 3 children and grand children. It is amazing that when our kids are little, some days we can't wait for them to grow up so we can have some peace and quite. And then when they finally do grow up and move away, we can't wait for them to come visit so we can baby and fuss over them...GO FIGURE...what will it take to please us. I guess we never know how lucky we are until things change!!!! Alyssa, you are truly my gift from God and I will always be thankful that you are my little girl!!! I LOVE you!!!

Alyssa heading out door after our nice weekend together.

Brent putting together a book shelf at Alyssa's apartment a couple weeks ago. He also hung up some curtain rods and hauled in a couch we gave her and her roommates for their apartment.......he is such a handy man.

Alyssa and I went to a primitive shop here in Wisconsin Rapids called "The Country Freckle". The place was packed with women buying, buying, buying. Joni, the gal who owns the shop, wants me to bring some of my snowmen in for her to sell. I had brought some fall items in last month and she sold most of them. It is nice to have somewhere to bring my creations that is close and Joni is so nice. So sometime this week, I am going to head into her shop packin snowmen.

Have a BLESSED day.

Love ya all, Rhonda


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm getting all teary-eyed just reading about your children. So precious.


runstrong said...

Thanks for everything, i'm STILL working on your amazing soup. mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmm