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Monday, September 21, 2009

We Bought Some LAND In Spooner

I am sure you are all wondering if I am still alive......Well, I'm still alive and I'm still prim'in too :) Just been busier then an cat covering crap in a wind storm :)

Fall is here!!!!!! The leaves are turning beautiful colors and the air is getting much cooler. I LOVE Fall but I also know what is around the corner when Fall arrives....Winter...ick!!!!!!!

Last Friday, my girl friend Roxanne from Spooner came and spent a couple days with me. I met her in Black River Falls and from there the party was on. We spent Friday hitting primitive shops and hunting for thrift sales. Roxanne has a booth at an Antique Mall in Spooner so she is always looking for treasures. In our travels, we stumbled on this adorable little place called The Pumpkin Shed. There were pumpkins, squash and gourdes galore!!!!!! I LOVE the colors of the Fall harvest, it is so peaceful and settling.

Below are some a few pictures of The Pumpkin Shed

We also hit the Market in Madison last weekend.....we shopped til we dropped. I do not have any pictures of it because we were on a dead run and I didn't even think about pulling my camera out of my purse....sorry.

We had a great weekend together and it was so nice to spend time with her and show her around Wisconsin Rapids. I still consider Spooner my home but this is where I am right now so it was nice to share it with her. She LOVED Joni from Country Freckles and enjoyed visiting her shop very much!!!!!!


We Bought Some Land In Spooner

Because Spooner is still our home and always will be, Brent and I made an offer on a 40 acres piece of property on Fox Road last week. They counter offered....we accepted and we will close on this little piece of paradise October 17th YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are here in Wisconsin Rapids for the job right now but someday want to retire back home where we belong in Spooner, Wisconsin. Marsh life is a good life but.....when the job is done and you have worked many, many years for someone elses find that you have not worked to built up your own....we will not do that at our age. That is why we bought this property and plan on building a home on it maybe next summer. We can use it as a cabin for now, but will live there full-time of both worlds I'd say!!!!!!!! It has 8 apple trees and some raspberry bushes planted in the field with a deer fence around it which I LOVE!!!! It starts with a beautiful field and goes into gorgeous tress with some walking trails already cleared out. We plan on building in the woods for a private retreat setting. Can't wait to see a house back in there!!!!!!

Here is the start of the property from the road. As I mentioned first it's field then gorgeous woods from there.

A view of the field. You can kinda see the apple trees in the distance.

Here is one of the it!!!!

My cute little husband looking the situation over.

Brent has a thing about beautiful trees....he is VERY picky!!!! Here he is looking over the woods.

There will be great hunting in here...we saw 3 deer just walking through it. Brent loves to bow hunt so maybe we will have some venison in the freezer :)

A view from the other edge of the field

Here is a view that you see looking from the edge of the woods toward the road.....awesome!!!!! There is farm land across the way........I LOVE to see farmers fields all planted with peaceful and simple!!!!!!

So........we have a plan for our future and we will work hard to achieve it. God is soooo GOOD and we thank him for this awesome opportunity!!!!!!

I wanted to share our new adventure with you all but......I have been working on some dolls and will have some pictures to show you on my next post. Have a BLESSED day everyone.....Rhonda


In His service, Anne said...

Oh..I'm so jealous!! Looks like the property on our farm as a little kid!! Nice piece of land!!

Rhonda said...

Thank you Anne...I am so excited about this little retreat!!!! I am a true country girl and always will be :) Rhonda

upnorth said...

hey, girl! Good to hear about the land! We went on vacation and I thought of you as we drove pass the exit! Someday I will get there with Kim or alone!!! Earl

the primitive country bug said...

Oh what a beautiful piece of property. Sounds like a dream come true!
Glad you had fun on your girls day out. That looks like a fun place to shop.
Blessings to you~ Birgit

alyssa said...
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