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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Prims and New Furniture at Country Freckles

Today I dropped off some more creations at Country Freckles. I'm thinking this might be the end of Fall creating for me. My sister and I are doing 2 craft shows in November in Spooner, Wisconsin so I have a lot of work to do until then building up some stock.

I finished up this horse last week. If you are a horse lover like me, you will understand how exciting this is. I LOVE dolls but it is nice to have a horse standing around reminding me of the good old days of showing horses with my daughters!!!!!!

This little witch bust turned out really cute. Again, I am not really into witch stuff but Joni says this stuff really sells so I made a few witches and witch hats for the season this year.

A close up look at her little witch face and her cat.

I made these little pocket hangers. I put a crow, some sweet annie and a grungy candle in the pockets. It is made out of flannel fabric which I coffee stained to give it a real old look. It is so simple and sweet....I really like it. I am going to have to make one of these for myself when we get into our new home on the cranberry marsh.

Speaking of the house on the is still in progress and they are saying that it should be set on the foundation the end of Oct or beginning of Nov. I will get excited when I really see it happening so until then I am just trying to be happy where I am right now.

Another flannel pocket hanger with one of my dolls below.

An last but not least, here is a pumpkin door doll...cute.


As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Market in Madison last weekend. Joni worked all day Monday moving things around in her store to make room for the awesome new furniture she bought there. I snapped a few pictures of her update decor.

Lots of Fall decos

And here is the owner, designer and the CEO of Country Freckles.....Joni. She didn't want me to take her picture but she was a good sport when I took it anyway:) She does such a GREAT job with her store. She puts her ALL into it and it shows.

A gorgeous table all decked out with Fall...notice my new witch bust sitting there :)

The cabinet along the back wall in new. It is called a Buttery, not sure why it's called that but I sure do LOVE it!!!!!

This is a picture of the dinning room area. The cabinet along the back wall is new in this room also.

A very comfortable inviting room, makes you want to sit and relax!!!!

The tall black cabinet with the arched top is a new piece.....but I think it sold yesterday already :)

Joni stocked up on Black Crow Candles, she bought some awesome new scents.....LOVE THEM!!!!

My pictures CAN NOT begin to capture Joni's awesome store. I wish you all could come and look for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I better get busy and get something done today. Have a BLESSED Thursday everyone!!!!! Rhonda


cwa said...

Hello. All of your creations are wonderful, but those horses are truly amazing. I am so glad you showed them to us. Oh how I wish I could visit Country Freckles. It appears to be a wonderful store. I really enjoyed the photos of all their beautiful merchandise. I will definitely put that store on my list of dream destinations. Blessings to you.

upnorth said...

I can see that someday you need to have your own store like that one!! I think I will get some pumpkins and do some outdoor decorating because of you and your decorating!!! Thanks! Earl

Justina said...

Hi Rhonda.. I have been looking at your blog forever now, and just became a folower. I read that you are doing two shows in spooner in November. Are you by chance doing the one on Nov. 7th at the elementary school? I am doing that one but not the Nov. 21st one. Your stuff looks wonderfully prim! Justina