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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mandy and Garrett's Visit

Our Grandson Garrett...look at those baby blue eyes and that peanut butter smile!!!!!!

Mandy and Garrett came to visit us last weekend, it was nice so see them and spend some time with them. Garrett is growing so FAST and is busy, busy, busy. I again got a realization why we have our kids when we are young!!!!!! Never a dull moment or a restful moment for that matter!!!

Grandpa fixed Garrett some toast with peanut butter....Garrett decided to share with him...mmmmmmmm

Grandpa and Garrett

That piece of toast got worked over!!!!!

He LOVED the steps...we almost had one down the steps head first incident but Grandpa came to the rescue. But other then that, those steps kept him pretty busy.

Garrett driving Mom's car all smiles!!!!!

Brent checked out Mandy's car and as you can see he had some help...busy boy LOVED Grandpa's tools!!!!!

Mom and Son just before they took off to head back to Spooner.

Grandpa, Garrett and Mandy.....I LOVE this picture!!!!!!

Mandy, I and Garrett did some shopping while she was here and went out to eat a couple times. On Saturday, we all went to the Cranberry Festival in Warrens, Wisconsin. The Cranberry Festival is a huge craft sale and they also give tours of cranberry marshes and sell fresh cranberries. We had the stroller, thank God for that, but it also made it hard to get too close to the booths and see much. There were people everywhere which is great for the festival but makes it hard to get around.....I am not a big fan of huge crowds. But it was something to do and we enjoyed being together as a family.

I am heading to Spooner today and will be there until Friday. I always enjoy going home so much. My cute little husband is not so happy when I go home though....he already misses me and doesn't want me to go. I wish he could get some time off so he could come with me...but that's not going to happen. I told him I will be back before he knows it and then we can spend the weekend together :)

Have a BLESSED week everyone...Rhonda


upnorth said...

I'm so glad that Mandy and Garret got sometime with Grandpa and Grandma!! Garret is so.....cute!!! I saw them about 2 months ago at the store and Mandy is a great Mom!!! Hope to see you while your home! Earl