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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Busy Girls Photo Shots

The barn where we spent many hours riding horses

As I posted a couple weeks ago, I went home for a week and I enjoyed it SOOOOO much. I got together with family and friends and just enjoyed the sites and sounds of being home. On Thursday, my girl friends Rox and Lisa and I went on a shopping trip to some primitives shops and some antique shops. We had a blast and found some nice goodies. When we got back to Spooner we headed out to Lisa's for a look at her beautiful yard. She is so talented and I always LOVE touring her beautiful yard. When my girls were growing up, we spent many many hours at Lisa's. Lisa's sister in-law Donna is a horse trainer and that is where we went for our horse riding lessons from the time my daughter Kara was 5 until she was 17. We have so many wonderful memories at the Halverson's farm. We were even baptized in her daughter Callie's pool in Lisa's beautiful yard by Crystal Lyons which I will NEVER forget.

Below are some pictures of Lisa's beautiful yard. She has so many gorgeous flower beds and potting sheds.

A view of the front entry

Years of work and planting brings a beautiful result.

While I was home we had campfires where we visited and enjoyed each other. This is a picture of my daughter Alyssa and my mom Carol. My mom is giving Alyssa guitar lessons. Alyssa wants to learn to play so she can play praise and worship music.

Campfire fun

Alyssa and I went to is a picture of main street

I got to babysit for my two precious grandsons Carson and Noah. I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I loved watching them play together and I for sure LOVED all the hugs and kisses.

Thank you Jesus for these two little boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister and my mom came back with me and stayed until Wednesday. My sister and I did a lot of primmin. We have 2 craft shows to do in November so we are busy getting ready for them that's for sure.

My sister likes to watch tv while she is stitching. Because she can't see far away and her close vision is going also, she came up with this idea so she can do both. She wears her regular glasses for watching tv and cheater glasses for stitching. It's tough to get old :) I couldn't pass up this photo op.

My sister and I tried our hand at grungying up a jar......we did it!!!!!!

My sister and my mom heading home. We had a great time together and I miss them so much. Next time they come to visit, Brent and I will be in our new house....YES!!!!!

I finished up some witch hats and a few other items, but I was in such a big hurry to get them to Country Freckles that I forgot to take pictures. I am going into Joni's shop on Tuesday and I will take pictures of those items then...until then....God Bless and have a GREAT Labor Day weekend. Rhonda


upnorth said...

Hi, Saw your Mom, she is so fun! Loved all the photos! I feel bad that I totally missed seeing you!! Blessings! Earl

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a fun post looks like you had a wonderful time!