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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sale At The Country Freckle

The past few days, I have been at "The Country Freckle" helping Joni with her BIG store garage sale. She has so many wonderful items at such a GREAT buy.

Here is a view of one of the garages she has FULL of all her overstock and seasonal items. She was able to fill 3 garages which are located in the back of her shop. They are actually storage units that she rents to park vehicles in.

Here is a view of the other 2 garages. There is mostly furniture and silk flowers and candles in these.

Dig ladies dig!!!!!

The sale in going to run through Saturday. Saturday she is having a brat and hot dog feed with proceeds being donated to the Humane Society. Joni LOVES dogs...she has such a big heart for animals!!!!!!!!

But today I am heading to Spooner again because my Aunt Hertha died on Tuesday. I am planning on going to the visitation but will not be able to attend her funeral because I am heading to Minnesota on Saturday for my newphews graduation party which has been planned for months. My sister is almost nuts with all the work she has done for this party. I know who she feels, I have had 3 kids graduate. But anyway, Brent can not come with because he can not take anytime off so I am on my own. I will be back in Rapids Saturday night and plan on working all week on my dolls....I am so far behind right now.

I had to show you this awesome bin cabinet that my daughter picked up at an antique sale we went to last weekend. The cabinet was in an old store and is so primitive!!!!! This picture is right after we unloaded it from the truck.

And here it is in her living room all decorated is soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!! God Bless....Rhonda


Linda said...

That bin is awesome! What will she ever store in it? It looks huge! Tons of quilts? Antique dresses? Hand-braided rugs? Antique glass Christmas ornaments? Food for thought, in deed.......
It would sure be nice to go to such a sale---one where when the ad reads HUGE sale, it really is a HUGE sale!
Sorry to hear of your aunt's passing but the celebration of education is a worthy choice!

mitchiesmom said...

OMG!! That is the coolest bin ever!! I have been looking for something just like that for years! I saw one at a shop and didn't get it, went back the next weekend and it was gone!! Your daughter is soooo lucky!! Someday I'll find one! Love your site - and the sale at your friends place looks like so much fun!! Enjoy!!!

Janene said...

That bin is freaking fantastic!
What a great find.
I am so glad you posted those pics at the garage sale because I enlarged them and I see tons of stuff that I would love to own.
Have a great weekend!