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Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Time To RODEO!!!!!

I am back in Spooner this week for the 56th Annual Heart of The North Spooner Rodeo
yah whoo!!!!

The Rodeo is my favorite part of summer, I have experienced many many years of Rodeo fun through out the years and have LOVED every minute of it!!!! My Mom's band "The New Edition" used to be the Rodeo band years ago. It made me so proud to hear her beautiful singing through out the rodeo grounds!!!!!

Below is a picture of my Mom and her band at the Spooner Rodeo
I think this picture was taken in the late 80's - early 90's
isn't my Mom beautiful!!!!

"The New Edition" from right to left....Fritz, Steve, Jim and my beautiful Mom Carol

Tonight is the first of 3 performances and my daughter and I will be front and center. It is so amazing to watch the athletes, both the cowboys and the rough stock doing what they LOVE. The grand entry chocks me up every year, I LOVE seeing all the horses, cowboys, cowgirls and American flags flying. Believe it or not....THEY STILL PRAY AT THE RODEO before each's awesome!!!!

Bull riding is most peoples favorite part...but I think my favorite is the Barrel Racing!!!!! My daughter Kara used to love to run barrels when she was a teenager. She is an amazing rider and I was always her biggest fan and STILL AM!!!!!

There is also a train robbery on Saturday here is a picture of the robbery in progress

The kids love it

Stick em' up

There is a Rodeo Parade on Saturday too...there is FUN for everyone!!!! I will post pictures when I get back to Wisconsin Rapids.....So until then I will Cowboy up and hang on the weekend is going to go by too fast (can you tell I LOVE the Rodeo, I know I'm obsessed!!!!!!

It's RODEO Time!!!!!

God Bless....Rhonda