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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rodeo Is Over And It's Back To Work For Me

I spent last weekend at the Spooner Rodeo and also spent precious time with my family...I had an awesome time in Spooner!!!!!

This was my grandson Noah's first Rodeo. Here I am holding my little precious gift from God. I LOVE this little boy SO much!!!!!! When he is around, I make such a fool of myself, my husband says that I dump him like a hot rock and it's Brent who when Noah is's true Noah has stolen my heart!!!!!

Here is my son Kasey and his son (my grandson) Noah....I can't believe how much Noah looks like Kasey when he was little. It's like I go back in time when I am around Noah except I am a bit older now :)

How precious!!!!!

My daughter Kara and I enjoying the Rodeo

Here I am getting us some pops at the 4-H stand. When my kids were little we spent many hours at this 4-H food stand. My girls were in 4-H and we LOVED the Washburn County Fair which was held in August. We knew summer was almost over and school was about to start when the fair was on....memories, I LOVE them!!!!

My husband Brent was able to get a few days off and come to the Rodeo on Friday you can tell, he wears his sunglasses a lot on the marsh...he has coon eyes. But isn't he cute!!!!! I think so!!!!!!
The Grand entry that kicks off the Rodeo...I LOVE this part!!!!!1

I love the when the flag go's so patriotic!!!!!

Here is Carly about to sing our National Anthem and she sounds like an angle when she sings it. She is riding a horse I used to own years ago. His name is Ice and is now 20 years old, I think he looks pretty good for 20. His owner uses him to rope off of. He is doing what he loves.....he always LOVED to run!!!!!

Here is shot of the barrel racing, my favorite event

Barrel Racing

It rained on Friday night, not a lot but just enough to make it miserable...but after there was a beautiful sky and also a double rainbow. The rainbow is God's promise that he will never destroy the world with a flood again. I always think of that when I see a rainbow.

Well that's it for the Rodeo for another year. I am back in Wisconsin Rapids working on my primitives and feeling a bit behind. I am also helping Joni with a garage sale she is having at "The Country Freckle". Today we were pretty busy but the sale goes on until Saturday so hopefully she will get rid of a lot of overstock. I did take some pictures today during the sale and will post them tomorrow. God Bless....Rhonda


runstrong said...

My cotton candy pics didn't make the cut.... awwww. haha

upnorth said...

I love the pix! It was so fun to see you at the store!!