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Thursday, July 2, 2009

It Was Good To Be Home

Main Street In Hayward, Wisconsin.....LOVE IT!!!!!

I am back from my fun trip home and had a wonderful relaxing was so NICE to be home and spend time with family and friends!!!!!

Here is a pic of Alyssa making her first purchase at the Musky Festival. There was so many fun tents to shop in, all the items were handmade which made it even better!!!!!!

My daughter Alyssa kept me very busy...every night we went for a bike ride and walk. I had a little bit of trouble making it up the hills at times, but my daughter ( Jillian from the biggest loser) made sure I stayed at it. We were biking in town and I was looking down at the road and I found 10 bucks laying there. Alyssa saw me getting off my bike and started yelling MOM.....I yelled back....I am not trying to walk my bike I just found 10 bucks laying on the road and am picking it up and making a deposit in twin tittie federal, (I learned that trick from my Mom...putting items in my bra for safe keeping) she laughed so was a classic moment!!!!

Musky Festival pic

There were so many cool things to look at!!!!

There were lots of food stands at the Festival but we decided to eat at the "Anger Minow" which is Alyssa favorite place to eat in Hayward.

Here is my Mom and Alyssa standing outside the "Anger Minow". We had a awesome lunch there that day!!!!

We also hit some Thrift Stores and a few garage sales that day. We also stopped and visited with my Great-Grandpa Betz. He will be 96 July 15....WOW, I can't believe that!!!!!

Here is Alyssa, Grandpa, and my Mom. My grandpa lives in a assisted living center but my mom keeps a real close eye on his care. I think when our parents get too old and can't live on there own and have to go into homes we need to keep a good eye on the care they get and I am so proud of my Mom for taking such good care for her Dad. When we were little she always told us she has eye in the back of her head so don't think you are getting away with anything....I think she is using them back eyes for grandpa's care, she keeps a very close eye on the doctors and nurses :)!!!!!

Alyssa and I were sitting at the kitchen table...she was reading and I was working on some stitching and my daughter Kara's cat Opal was way too helpful here. She is batting around a little doll I am working on to go with the stitchy....she is such a character!!!!!

And here is Big Erin....he thinks he is king of the kitchen table!!!!!!

I made a fruit pizza for us.....Alyssa and Trav LOVED it!!!!!!

Here are our little sweeties....Bo, Gretta, and Malachi
Kara and Trav's garden. This is their first year at having a garden, Trav spent 4 hours out there weeding on's a never ending process.

A view of the horse pasture

Kara and Trav's house....I LOVE it there!!!!!

I also did a lot of antique shopping while I was home. I stopped at many shops but this is the only one I thought to take a picture of....sorry. I found many interesting items and have plans for them all.

My next trip to Spooner will be next week to attend the Spooner Rodeo, I LOVE THE RODEO!!!!!! Until then I am back in Wisconsin Rapids working on my primitives. It's time to start working on Fall prims and I have so many ideas running around in my head I don't even know where to start which is a good thing because it's better then being clueless.

Well, that's about it for now....God Bless and have a great day!!!! Rhonda


upnorth said...

I love the pix! Glad you were here for a few days! Erika and I went to that Siren antique store. I bought 2 tableclothes there, of course, vintage! Earl