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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris Tomlin Concert In St. Paul, MN

Alyssa and I went to Chris Tomlin's "Hello Love" Concert Sunday night at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota....It was amazing!!!! We LOVE his music, the words are so anointed and touch deep into the heart where Jesus can do some serious work. It was so cool to be among the body of Christ worshiping Him through music and praise.

My little girl...she's sooooooo beautiful!!!!!

We were a couple hours early for the concert so we took advantage of the beautiful day and walked around a bit. I took some pictures of some of the gorgeous old buildings in St. Paul.

It was so nice to walk around and not FREEZE to death!!!!

When we went to our seats and were surprised at how HIGH they were....I guess that's why they call it the nose bleed section. But my very wise daughter said as we were climbing "it's not about the's about Jesus" we laughed and after we were sat down awhile, we got used to the height.

Alyssa happy with our purchase

Here we are acting stupid holding up the cd's we bought before the concert started. Alyssa brings out the idiot in me as you can see ;)

I did get a few shots of Chris Tomlin and his band during the concert

This is my favorite song right now "God of this City"...and here is a picture of him singing was so awesome to hear him sing it in person....HOW POWERFUL!!!!

I was not real thrilled when we decided we would go to this concert because that meant 8 hrs of driving for me that day. But Alyssa was very persistent about us going so I gave in and bought the tickets and there was no turning back then. I have learned from my 20 year old daughter (and that's what I tell her...your 20 I'm not) that stepping out of my comfort zone brings great reward and wonderful memories. We had such a GREAT time together and I would not trade it for anything. Thank you Alyssa for begin my forever blessing!!!!!!

We got back to Alyssa's apartment at 1 am in the morning after driving 3 hours back to her apartment after the concert. She had procrastinated writing a paper that was due for her first class on Monday. She brought her homework with us and was going to write her paper on the way to the concert never happened.

So when we got back to her apartment she had to write the paper before she could go to bed....uhhhh youth. I was laughing so hard because she always used to say I did my heart good to see her procrastinting ways so here are some pictures that I rather enjoyed taking.

Alyssa starting her paper all smiles at 1 am in the morning

Hard at work

Things are going down hill here quick

Well....this is what happens when you stay too long at the ball and you procrastinated writing your paper....the party's over

She is not really crying in the pic......I told her to pretend to cry for the photo shot....I thought these pics were so funny I just had to post them.

Well, hope you all enjoy the pics of our trip...take a chance and step out of your comfort zone and see what blessing waits for you on the other side....God Bless.....Rhonda


Janelle said...

Oh I so love Chris Tomlin's music!
I understand the joy you had in going with your daughter too - my Sarah and I used to go to all the concerts together when she was younger, and the memories of those days are some of the best times of my life...

Thanks for sharing that!


runstrong said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful time! I love spending time with you, I wish we could do it more often. You are my best friend forever! & a pretty cool Mom. :)
Just a note: I got my paper back today and I got a 100 percent. WooWOOOo!! hahaha