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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arizona Trip And A Prayer Request For My Daughter

We went to Tombstone, Arizona one day on our vacation and here I am on Boot Hill standing by one of the grave markers. It was very windy that day and the dirt was flying around and sandblasting us to death but we had a great time anyway.

My Mom standing by a marker

This is down town Tombstone...the streets are dirt and the stage coach gives rides all day. There are NO cars allowed on main street in Tombstone.

A view from the car in route to Tombstone, AZ

Here we are, Mom's packing her guitar and we are heading to church

We sang in church with Mom that day. The song we sang was "God Bless America Again" and boy that song is never more true then in this day in age. We need God to bless this country...I really do not believe we have a financial crisis in America....we have a MORAL crisis!!!!!!!!!! God help us!!!!

My Mom's band had a gig at an RV park in Tuscon and we went with and enjoyed it very much. It was so nice to see couples dancing and enjoying themselves to Mom's music. They are retired and just enjoying life and each other and that is the way it should be.

My Mom and her Mom is singing her heart out!!!!!

Our friends Frank and Kathy Irvine dancing and enjoying each other that night

I know this does not like it but it is a chiropractor office in the middle of the desert

My Mom and step-dad go here for adjustments and they love it!!!!! My neck was really out and I was getting headaches so my Mom made us ALL an appointment to see the Dr.

I was a little skeptical at first so my Mom went first....after I saw her, I felt I could give it a try and I am so glad I did. He really helped me and I felt like a million bucks when I got off the table. Who would have thought you could go into that trailer and come out as good as new!!!!

I took a picture of my sister getting her adjustment...she didn't know I took it...I am sure she will not be thrilled to see it show up on my blog.

My sister standing outside of the office after her adjustment

That's it for now on the Arizona trip.......back to reality. It looks like we are going to have a beautiful day here in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin lots of sunshine. I am going to go for a walk later it's so nice out. But until then, I am heading to my sewing room and get working on my prims.

A Prayer Request For My Daughter Alyssa

I wanted to post a picture of my daughter so you have a face to attach your prayers to
Alyssa loves coffee shops!!!!

Alyssa and her friend Amy went to Spain over Christmas vacation...this is a pic of them having coffee in a coffee shop in Spain. My daughter Alyssa is on the right and she also LOVES to travel!!!!!

I would like to request prayer for my daughter Alyssa Rhonda Kronlund, she is in Florida right now witnessing on the beach to the spring breakers. She went with Campus Crusade for Christ through her college. I am SOOOOO prould of her!!!!!! She LOVES Jesus with all of her heart and wants to be used by him for HIS GLORY!!!!! Please pray for her safety and that souls will be saved.

Have a BLESSED day!!!! God Bless....Rhonda


Stellar Creations said...

You have done well raising your daughter.. I know it comes from above.. but you did your part to make it complete. She is indeed in my prayers!


basketsnprims said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures with us. It's a beautiful day here in Michigan as well, and I'm primmin, too. I will keep your lovely daughter in my prayers.

Janelle said...

"I really do not believe we have a financial crisis in America....we have a MORAL crisis!!!!!!!!!! God help us!!!!"
My daughter Sarah, LIVES in Spain, and absolutely loves it - her mama wants her to come home and start producing some
God bless your daughter for her boldness for Christ - I live in FL, and the spring breakers need to hear the message of hope found only in Christ, and they'll listen far better to someone their own age...I'll be praying for her


runstrong said...

Thanks for your prayers Mom. You are the BEST.
Love the AZ pics, can't wait to see more. Love you!!