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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still Here!!!!

Sorry it's been awhile, with going to school, my free time is pretty much none existing. I try to make time to update my blog but homework is always calling my name and with all the deadlines, homework always wins out. After these next 2 weeks are over, the homework load will lighten up a bit, so I am sure that will help my blogging time:) So please stay tuned....I am hoping to get some of my free time back soon. I have not been able to even pick up a needle to sew or stitch since August 23rd, I miss it so much but I keep telling myself that this will be worth all this work when I am working in a salon and making money.

Last month, the school bought new dryers and new facial chairs. They were selling the old ones so I snatched up one of each. The dryer chair was $40....and the facial chair (which I don't have a picture of yet) was $50. My husband had to come to the school to pick them up.....did he ever get the looks when he drove through town with this chair in the back of his truck. He is such a trooper, he never knows what I will be bring home next.

Speaking of home, we go home every weekend to work on our beautiful new home. My husband has been working on getting our yard roughed in....I LOVE it!!!! I can't wait to see it all planted with nice green grass and beautiful flower beds.

He also got my flower beds dug out and ready to be filled with black dirt. Digging it out now with this backhoe will save he back this spring.

flower bed ready for black dirt

digging with the backhoe sure saves on the back!!!!

I can't wait to see this flower bed FULL of flowers and shrubs:)

flower beds all dug out:)

Here is a picture off our bedroom deck....the trees were so gorgeous!!!!

Brent started laying our floors also, it is a slow job but will be so worth it. We choose hard maple for our floors. It is rustic with lots of character.

He is making some progress here, but he has a LONG way to go!!!!

Brent also got our pond roughed it. Hopefully it will hold water when it is all done:)

My hard working man bulldozing up a storm

We were able to spend a little time with our grandson Garrett, Brent wanted him to sit on the bulldozer with him but Garrett wanted nothing to do with that. So here they are looking at it and that was as far as Garrett was going. I am sure in a few more years, Brent will have a dozing buddy.

Brent and Garrett

Brent and Garrett on the berm, I LOVE this berm. I never thought I could love a pile of dirt so provide the privacy we wanted....I couldn't be happier!!!!

The house is coming along good and I can't wait to live in it!!!!

Well, that's about it for now....I better get working on my homework. Stay tuned, I have more pictures to share....hopefully sometime this week I can post again.

Blessings, Rhonda


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the great deal you got on those chairs...are you opening up a salon in your "new"home? love how your home is coming looks so pretty and I love your back drop of trees.the colors are out of this world..;) have a wonderful week:)

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

You new home looks so beautiful and the lot it sits on is awesome. I'd like to build a home some day....dream dream....Have a great week.

A Primitive Homestead said...

The house has really gone up. I cant wait to see the flower beds myself. The view from your bed room deck will is great. Blessings!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Is there anything your husband,
can't do? I just had to ask!
I bet you can hardly wait to get
moved into your new home!

Bear Hugs~Karen

upnorth said...

Sorry I missed you! I think I saw you from afar on Saturday! The house looks great, I will need a tour! Earl

Rhonda said...

Hi Girls,

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate you all being patient with me during this season in my life, I know I have not posted pictures of my primin because I have none. I really miss sewing and making my dolls, but someday I am hoping to do both....prim and create my handmades and do hair and create for my clients, I got my eye on the prize!!!!!

Gina, I love your new blog design!!! And as of right now no, I am not planning on opening a shop in my house...but after I get my managers licenses someday...who knows, maybe. The chairs were such a good deal, I just had to have them. I have 2 daughters and they want me to do their hair, so I am sure these chairs will get put to good use:)

And Karen, I am so blessed to have a husband who can pretty much do anything (that was one of the requirements I was looking for in a man,lol) anyway, he is soooo humble and he thinks anyone can do the things he does...but I keep telling him how special he is and how much I appreciate all he does for us.

And as far as our new home...I can't WAIT to live in it. I miss having a home so much!!!!! But God has been faithful and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank Jesus for this awesome home!!!!

Earl, I miss you...see you soon at the store. Blessings to everyone, Rhonda