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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A Prim Girl Going To Cosmetology School

School is still keeping me pretty busy, I have not been able to even pick up a sewing needle in 5 weeks, I am hoping that soon will change and I can start working on some Christmas primitives. I really miss sewing and creating my dolls and look forward to getting started on some prims for our craft show in Spooner the end of November.

At school last week, we learned how to give pedicures. I didn't think I would like the whole pedicure thing....not really a fan of touching feet but it really was not that bad. I will like it even more when it brings in a paycheck. We had to get a pedicure lasts week was fun and felt so good. Tomorrow, we will be tested on the pedicure procedure from setting up, to giving the pedicure and then the clean-up process....the key thing here it SANITATION and I totally understand why!!!!!!

Me getting a pedicure

Ashlyn was my partner, here she is giving me my pedicure. I had never had a pedicure before and I can actually say I LOVED it. Ashlyn gave an amazing foot relaxing!!!!!

House Progress

All the samples lined up against our granite counter top for our bathroom

We went home last weekend and worked on the house...yes, it's become pretty much our, school and off to work on the house. Someday, we will have a life again but until then, we are keeping our eye on the prize:)

We have come to the point where it is time to pick out the tile for our shower. Last week, we found a couple samples we liked so we brought them to Plover where our granite pieces are to make sure that they all match. We decided on a textured brown tile...we both liked it so hopefully it will be all we are envisioning.

Here is our kitchen granite piece, I was so excited to see it again (we picked it out in June)'s been since June since I hadlaid my eyes on it....I STILL LOVE IT and can't wait to see it in my kitchen.

We also picked out our fireplace stone, the sample piece is to the left.....LOVE IT!!!!!

We picked out our interior doors awhile back. We ordered one to make sure we liked our choice before we went ahead and ordered all of came last week and we LOVED awesome!!!!!!!

A trailer full of our hardwood maple flooring.....we picked it up at the sawmill and got it all hauled into the house last weekend. It has to sit and acclimate to the house for 2 weeks then Brent can start laying it down. I can't wait to see my beautiful wood floors!!!!!

Brent spent the most of the weekend bulldozing. We decided to build a berm to give us privacy from the neighbor across the field from us. When we built our house here, we knew we would be doing something to block the view of the neighbor. A couple weekends ago, we decided to build this berm and plant a row of pine trees on the top of it to give added privacy. Not only will it give a beautiful touch to our yard, it will give us the privacy we both want.

Getting a good start

half way there:)

I am so blessed to have such a talented husband....he seriously can do anything!!!

While looking out the windows in the house, you can not see anything except the sky line.....just the way I like it!!!!!

And here is our driveway shaping up. We are going home this weekend and Brent will hopefully finish up on our yard excavating. Can't wait til we get the grass and flowers all will really all come together then. That will not be for a while but I know it will be AWESOME when it is finished!!!!

My daughter Alyssa went flying with her dad the other day and they flew over our is the ariel photo she took for me, I LOVE it...just thought I would share it will you all. This of course was before the berm was started:)

Well, I better get to bed...morning comes way too FAST. Until next time, Blessings everyone....Rhonda


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I love how the house is coming the berm too and the arial photo..oh and getting pedicures is the bomb!! better then getting my hands hairdresser has gone in for pedicures and asks them to change the "filter" if they don't she doesn't get a pedicure from is all about sanitation..;) you got that right.;) have a wonderful week the colors and the richness of those the style too.we want those but in white..;) hopefully next year or maybe this year for our christmas.:)

Carmen C. said...

Your house is looking so beautiful and what a GREAT idea for a berm!!! Hope you enjoy the day!!!

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Cassie said...

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