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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Fun Weekend But My Rodeo Pictures Are MIA

Brent and I arrived back in Rapids tonight after a fun filled weekend in Spooner, WI. We went to the Spooner Rodeo Thursday and Friday night and LOVED it...we had a blast!!!!! But I do not have any pictures of our fun time because today, while I was taking pictures at the house this morning, my memory card came up full (which happens a lot because I have too many picture on it). So I started deleting what I thought were old pictures but to my SHOCK and DISBELIEVE.....I deleted all the pictures I took at the Rodeo Friday night. This is the second time I have pulled this little stunt...when will I learn. My husband tells me all the time to get another memory card....I think I will listen to him this time!!!! (I hate it when he is right...just kidding honey). I had some awesome pictures of our Rodeo date and I had taken the BEST picture of him I have ever taken.....UHHHHHH it's now gone, I am still not over it.....oh well, live, learn and move on I keep trying telling myself!!!!!!!

Anyway, enough of that drama.....we stopped at Mandy and Leighton's on the way back to Rapids and had a nice visit them. We enjoy any time we get to spend with them and our grandson's Garrett and Levi, they are growing up so fast...they are so precious to us.

Brent, Garrett and baby Levi

House Progress

Our house is coming along nicely. Most of the siding is now on and the back decks are completely finished. The railing really added that final touch we were both hoping for.

The front covered porch is almost finished, this is going to be fun to decorate for all seasons to come.

Lovin it!!!!

Here is a view of the front of the house...they are going to be putting the garage doors on this week so next time (which will be this weekend) when we go home, the whole front should be complete.

This is a view of the side of the house towards the woods....Matt (our builder) is waiting for the furnace guy to come and finish up his venting work and then he will be able to finish putting the siding on this side of the house.

I LOVE the decks!!!!

A closer view of the deck off the dining room, this will be a wonderful spot for family gatherings and bbq's.

This is the side facing the road. Last night, Brent and I spent sometime at our house enjoying the sunset and talking about when we will someday be able to live in and enjoy our beautiful home. We were standing on the deck outside our bedroom when Brent spotted a bear lumbering around the edge of the woods and then walked out in the field a little ways. He seemed to look up at us and then slowly walked back into the brush....It was so cool (I'm sure I won't think it's so cool when he is tearing down my bird feeders someday) but for now, it was pretty cool. What a view we have of the woods, birds and wildlife from these back decks!!!!!!

We decided to do some re-designing on our shower this morning. We are going to put an arch in the door way of the shower to give it a different look. We both like this idea and think it will match the arch theme we have going on in the kitchen and living room.

Brent is trying to give me the vision here.

This is VERY rough.....but I know when it is done it will look amazing!!!!!

Here is a picture of Brent pondering our shower idea. He is a thinker and I usually just get out of his way and let him think (I swear I can see smoke rising from his head sometimes). He is going to be tiling this shower so he will probably have it tiled in his head 30 times before he actually does it:) I think my head would BLOW straight off my shoulders if I thought things through as long and as many times as he does.......but, I guess I am the one sitting here without Rodeo pictures from Friday night right now. So.....maybe there is something to this thinking things to death thing, I probably should try it more often, especially when I am deleting pictures off my camera:)

This is a picture of Alyssa's bedroom (her doorway is on the right) and her you can see, her tub is now sitting in position.

A view of the living room...the fire place is in the corner.

And the last picture for today...... this siding glass window is in our bedroom which opens out onto our deck. What a beautiful view of the woods and field from here and a wonderful site to wake up to!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Brent and I are going home again next weekend to hopefully start insulating our house. We are going to do quit a bit of the finishing work ourselves. Brent is going to do all the insulating (I will help where I can), he's laying all our flooring, tiling the shower, and we are both going to paint the rooms. If we look at all we have to get done it gets overwhelming. So I told Brent we can only do one thing at a time so lets concentrate on one thing at a time and it will all fall into place somehow. But it is hard when you have to live and work 3 hours away and you don't get every weekend off....oh well, it will be worth it in the end.

Well, it's back to sewing and getting some Fall items finished up this week....hopefully I will have some pictures within the next couple of days of my creations....Blessings and thank you for stopping by. Oh, as you may have noticed, I have started responding to your comments on my blog comment page so please check back, I really want to respond to all your comments, I appreciate them all so much and responding this way seems to work for me...hope it's o:k with you all......Rhonda


Sheila said...

Looks like you're going to have a beautiful home when it's finished-how exciting for you! Congrats on the weight loss. I've just recently started following your blog. I'm a G-Ma too!
We get our boys this week for a few days. They are my world and I thank God everyday for these blessings.
Keep me running but so worth every minute-they grow to quickly don't they?
Blessings to you,

Rhonda said...

Hi Sheila, I totally know what you mean about your little blessings. Grandchildren are one of our rewards for being a Mom and they will keep us young that's for sure.

I am so excited to someday be able to live in our new home....I want it to be a place where my grandson's can come and feel loved and happy. I want Granny's house to be FUN!!!! I told my husband I need a pool for that to happen....he was not sure he agreed....he will probably give in, he's such a sweetie. Enjoy your little dumplins this week...God Bless, Rhonda

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Rhonda, love your new house..and can't wait to see it all decorated..when are you hoping to move in?

Farmhouse prims said...

Your house is beautiful, I love it!!!Congratulations on the weight loss, how are you doing it? You look wonderful, I can't even loose 5 pounds!!! You go girl!!!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Gina, We are not sure when we are going to move home...I have school this Fall here in Rapids and my husband would have to find a job back home before we could move back. I am hoping that it will be soon though, praying that God will provide a way...I have faith He will!!! Blessings, Rhonda

Rhonda said...

Hi Lecia, Thank you...we are very happy with how our house is taking shape so far. Hopefully, it will continue:)

I lost my weight doing Nutrisystem and running. I LOVE NS and would highly recommend it. I am going to order one more month and then go it alone, hopefully by then I will have reached goal. I feel NS has gotten me under control and changed my way of thinking. It feels so good not to eat junk or even want it.....FREEDOM!!! Blessings, Rhonda