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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moments From Home

Brent and I spent the weekend in Spooner working on our house and enjoying our family. We spent most of the time insulating around all the windows and doors at our house. Our builder is pretty much done with his part of the building process, now it's up to Brent to get all the insulating done so we can keep the progress going and move onto the next step which will be hanging the sheet rock. It was so nice spending time together working in our home and talking about when we can come home someday and can live in it. I told Brent I will NEVER move again so he should plan on that:)

On Sunday, I ran in town and picked up lunch for us real quick at McDonalds (I had the southwest salad with grilled chicken, it's so good). But my first stop was at the Red Door Antique Mall to add goodies to my booth. The month of July has been pretty busy for us at the Mall, we are all happy about that.

My primitives are starting to sell pretty good in my booth. It has taken time for people to know they are there and to stop back and check out the new items I add...but it's happening:)

Added some pillows and dolls

A booth full goodies

A few new items added

Added some new stitch pictures

Garden And Campfire Fun

I snapped a few pictures of Kara and Trav's garden, I could not believe how much it has grown in a week

Kara and Trav's garden, it will soon be harvest time.

Next week, I have to work at the Antique Mall on Monday and Tuesday, so I am planning on spending the whole next week in Spooner, it will be a very busy week for me. Wednesday I am going to the eye doctor, Thursday I am getting a perm, Friday my girls and I are going down the river and then Friday night Brent is coming to Spooner after work so he can spend the weekend finishing up the insulating at our house. Kara's beans will also be ready to pick next week so we will be spending the evenings picking and canning beans. I am so glad that I can help her do this, I am looking forward to spending time with my daughter:)

Before we left to come back to Rapids on Sunday, Travis started a campfire so we could roast hot dogs and enjoy sometime together before we took off. Brent has fallen in love with turkey wieners roasted on a stick by the's the highlight of the campfire for him:)

Brent roasting his turkey hotdog mmmmmmm....he doesn't look real happy here but he was, it's so hard for me to get a good picture of him for some reason.

Alyssa smiling for the camera, what a little doll

Kara spraying the horses down with fly spray...those flies are SO pesty!!!!!

House Progress

I hope you all are are not getting sick of all my house updates.....sorry if you are but here goes another one.

Here is view of our house from the it!!!!

Another view from the road...Home Sweet Home!!!

Here is a pic of the a couple weeks the sheet rock should be hung...can't wait!!!!

I had to include these pictures. I LOVE the view off the back peaceful

Another beautiful view, this is off our bedroom it!!!

The garage doors were installed last week...the house is starting to look finished:)

I can't believe Summer is flying by so fast. It will not be long and I will be starting, that does not even seem real, it seems like just yesterday I applied. Well, I am going to try to enjoy every Summer day we have left and pack in as much fun and excitement as possible. Blessings to you all.....until next time....Rhonda


colonialhomestead said...

I enjoy seeing your home in progress. It will be so wonderful for you to live where your family is. Those grand babies are growing up fast and you will be there to see it all. Grandma can give hair cuts to. Your booth is great. I had booths in 3 places at one time and it was so fun to take care of them.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love seeing your home and the progress being made..what a wonderful home it will be..also loved!! seeing your booth..I would love spending time it and love the fall stuff.;) have a great rest of your week.;)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Oh such a beautiful home you have in progress. Wonderful family pictures and your booth all I can say is WOW!!!!
Congratulations on the weight loss.