My Weight Loss Journey

Friday, June 11, 2010

Weigh-In Friday And A Day Of Garage Sales

I will start this post with the good news....I weighed in this morning and I was down 2.5 pounds for the week...YES!!! The reason I say "YES" is because I went on a eat-a-thon last weekend. We were in Spooner last weekend so it started off with a Friday night Fish Fry, then a graduation party on Saturday with some amazingly awesome food and then I had breakfast the next morning at my favorite breakfast hot spot. I then topped it off with pizza on Sunday night when we arrived back here in Rapids....oopps!!!! So needless to say, I was a little scared to get on the scale this week. But after my weekend splurge, I went back to total Nutrisystem on Monday (the party was over) and have stuck to it all week. I am so glad that I had the structure of NS to get myself back under control. I know I am not going to rely on NS for the rest of my life, but for now, while I am still on this weight-loss journey, I am so glad NS was there. I received my 4th shipment of NS food on Thursday and to my surprise, my Nutrisystem bears were in the box. Nutrisystem rewards you with a bear for every 10 pound you loose. So as of this morning I have lost 23.5 pounds....SO EXCITED!!!!!

Me with my 10 and 20 pound Nutrisystem Bears (I know this pic is kinda chessy, but I had to post it, I am so happy to finally hit the 20 pound marker). Hopefully my 30 pd bear is not too far off:)

I updated the music on my blog today. I heard the first song (The House That Built Me) the other day on the radio and it made me cry. It touched my heart so much!!! I totally know what this little gal is singing about...I MISS HOME!!!! Lord willing we will be able to go back home soon.

A Giveaway

If you would like to get in on this prim giveaway visit Primitives From The Attic and sign up. She is offering up this adorable Prim Annie.

Ok, on to my other happenings. This morning I hit the garage sales to find treasures for my booth at the Antique Mall. I have not been to many garage sale this year, guess I have not been in the mood. But today, even in the rain, I really enjoyed it and from now on will try hit the garage sales every weekend if possible.

Here are a few of the goodies I picked up today for my booth. I will be heading to Spooner for the week so I can't wait to get these items front and center.

The Ken doll in the back is still factory sealed and has the date of 1983, I paid $5 for it, score.

I love the red plaid tin recipe box, this will be a hot seller, I paid 5 cents for it. I also love the copper measuring cups, copper sells well in my booth, paid 25 cents for them. The pyrex butter dish is cool, paid $1 for it. And the covered Pyrex casserole dish is adorable, paid $1 for it.

The copper item in the back is a pie plate holder, adorable....I think this would dress up any table setting...I found this at the Goodwill and paid $2.99 for it...see why I am in the mood to garage sale now:) much cheaper.

Old vintage em!!!! Found these at a garage sale for $2 each.

Rhubarb Jam Recipe

This week I also made some Rhubarb Jam. I found the recipe in an old cookbook I found at the Goodwill. It is the BEST Rhubarb Jam recipe I have ever found.

Hopefully you can read this but if not here it is:

Rhubarb Jam Recipe

5 cups rhubarb, cut into small pieces
bring to boil and simmer 10 minutes
1 cup crushed pineapple, (drained well)
5 cups sugar
1 cup water
simmer another 10 minutes, remove from stove top
2 pkg. strawberry Jell-O blend well
Keep in refrig, freeze or seal the jars..enjoy:)

It's delicious!!!!

Our House

I only have one picture of our house this week, sorry. This is a picture of what will be our open stair case going down to the basement.

Prims in progress

I have been working on some dolls but it has been slow goin. I have the dresses done and all primmed up and have to get these little gals dressed and finished up. Hoping to get that done tonight.

Well, that's about it for now. I am heading to Spooner this week so I am excited for that. It is my youngest daughters 22nd birthday (where does the time go??) on Wednesday so her and I are planning a hike or some sort of fun activity to spend the day together. I will check back mid-week. Have a blessed weekend everyone....Blessings, Rhonda


Anonymous said...

You go girl, congrats, keep up the good work. Great finds! Have a great weekend.

colonialhomestead said...

Nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful birthday hike with your daughter. Congrats getting your bears. You have will power. The open stairway will be so cool. I cant wait for you to move in. Sure it will be a great house tour.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Fantastic job!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your blog..and I love your booth with all your handmade do wonderful work...kudos on the weight loss..need to be there myself...have a wonderful week ahead.:)

upnorth said...

Hope to see you when you get in! Kiss Alyssa for me! Earl

NSModerator said...'re doing a fantastic job on the program! Congratulations on earning your bears!
~Nutrisystem Moderator

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Ken looks dashing!