My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 11 On Nutrisystem

Sorry I have been MIA lately, the days just seem to slip away. I debated with myself whether I would share this Nutrisystem journey here on my blog but have decided that I will because maybe it might help others who are at the crossroads of life to either give up and let the weight pile on or take a stand and get control of situation.

I have known that I have needed to get control of myself for a while now. Before we moved here to Rapids things were kinda slipping out of control....but since we moved to Rapids a year and a half ago I have gain 14 pds, NOT GOOD. I am sure all this change is part of the problem but I think eating for comfort is the real culprit.

I talked it over with my husband before I ordered Nutrisystem making sure he would support me in this journey as far as cooking for himself for awhile and such and he totally understood has been wonderful!!!!! My husband is a skinny minny but since we moved here, he has also put on a few pds around the middle and is working on getting that off also. He runs on the treadmill every morning at 5:30am before he gets ready for work and watches what he eats. He has lost 7 pounds, I am proud of him!!!

I do have to say that what really got me thinking about stepping onto this health train was my daughter Alyssa's Christmas gift to me this year. I mentioned it a couple posts back. Alyssa signed me up for a 5K Marathon on May 1st in La Crosse, WI so I have been training and trying to build up some stamina for the race. I started running/walking on the treadmill about 2 months ago and am slowly making progress. I felt that while I am trying to get healthy, why not go to the root of the unhealthy food choices and the extra weight.

So here I am today, on day 11 of my Nutrisystem journey. I have lost 6 pds and 5 inches so far. I DO NOT plan on being on this forever....I have NEVER been one to eat pre-boxed meals. But for now, it is working and helping me get myself under control. Nutrisystem has a wonderful online support system that has really helped is nice to talk to others who have also decided to take this same journey. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

My Nutrisystem foods placed for easy access so I can just grab and go...mmmmmmm

All in all the food has been pretty good. There are a few entrees that I DO NOT like and will not have those items included in my next order. The desserts are delicious and really help to keep me on program...I feel like I am still getting a treat but without the guilt.

Marie Osmond really inspired me to try Nutrisystem.....she is an amazing person and I would LOVE to see her perform sometime. If anyone has any questions for me about Nutrisystem or anything...please feel free to ask!!!!


About the Columbus, Ohio Market show....we had a blast!!!! It was a LONG drive and we crammed a lot of things to do in a very short time but it was very productive. But because we were literally on a dead run the whole time, I didn't take one picture...I could not believe that, my camera never made it out of my bag once, I'm slippin!!!!!

Joni has been very busy re-arranging and adding her purchases to the store. It am going to Country Freckles tomorrow and will take pictures to show you all some of the cool goodies she picked up. Until then....Blessings everyone....Rhonda


upnorth said...

Good for you, Rhonda! I can't afford the system, but I'm so proud of you!!! Good luck and I will pray that God will reveil Himself and what He has for you to learn! Earl

Carmen C. said...

Thank you for sharing this, I too need to lose weight and have been trying to think of something that actually *works*, I will have to check their website out and CONGRATS on losing already:)

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