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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Adventure Has Begun And My 100th Post

I am officially set-up in the Red Door Antique Mall in Spooner, Wisconsin...what a wonderful way to start my 100th post :)

I made my trip to Spooner on Thursday morning. When I left Rapids the roads were in medium condition but I decided to continue my 3 hour drive hoping they would not get any worse. When I hit Black River Falls, which is an hour into my trip, they were not only worse...they were horrible. There were cars in the ditch everywhere, we were all driving on black ice which is very, very stressful. I did a lot of praying and went slow and I did make it to Spooner in one piece.....PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

A view of the bad roads...the wind was blowing like was a white knuckle drive that's for sure!!!!!

Here is my truck when I arrived in Spooner safe and sound all packed with my furniture and goodies.

A huge thank you to my girlfriend Roxanne who came in to help me unload everything, I could not have done it without her. Here is a picture of the beginning of the set-up. Rox also helped me price everything, she has a booth in the mall also...she is an ole' pro at this!!!!

My booth all set up.

My booth

As you can tell, there is a mix of antiques and my handmades. I am very low on my handmade items and have my work cut out for me these next few months. I have to stock not only my booth but my favorite store.....COUNTRY FRECKLES!!!!!

I hung my adorable sign that Lisa from The Primitive Sign Company made for me. Thanks Lisa, you do such an awesome job on your signs!!!!!!

A close-up of some of the items.

I LOVE this's called a Buttery and is handmade by the Amish. I could not be happier with this awesome display piece. Even though I love it...the Buttery and all my furniture is for sale....gotta change things up and keep it interesting.

Here are some of my dolls sitting on an adorable bench which is also handmade by the Amish.

A make-do chair and a little nightstand which are also handmade by the Amish. They are full of all my goodies waiting for new homes.

Here is a view of the mall looking toward the front door from my booth. As you can see, there are a lot of dealers in the mall. It is FULL of treasures!!!! Believe it our not, there are more booths behind me :) didn't get pictures of that.

Here is my girlfriend Rox's's the fullest of all.

Rox's booth...she wins the prize for best displayed I think.

More of Rox's goodies, she is a busy girl.


More of Rox's...didn't I tell you she was an ole' pro.

I had to work at the mall on Friday and I enjoyed it soooooo much!!!!! To make a great day even better, after work my daughter, her husband and one of her friends from high school and I went out for fish at Pair O' Lake. Pair O' Lake has the BEST fish fry around!!!!!! If anyone is in the area you have got to try it, you won't be disappointed.

Well, I am back in Rapids today and am ready to start sewing up a storm. As stated in my title.....THIS IS MY 100th POST.....I will be having my FIRST give away soon. I am making something special for it this week so stay tuned for pictures and a chance to enter. Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday. Until next time.....Blessings, Rhonda


Janene said...

Oh My! I see so many things that I would love to own from your booth and your friend Roxanne.
I wish you the best of luck...but by the look of your booth and mdse. no luck is needed!
Have a great weekend, and stay warm!

~Leslie Lemke~ said...

Just browsing your blog and I wished I didn't live so far away...Good luck with your shop..such neat things..I am having a giveaway that ends Jan. stop by and put your name in...Have a wonderful day!

PrimWyoGirl said...

Rhonda, Congratulations on your booth! Oh I wish I could come! I see lots of fun things! Love those lambs! Are they wax? I could do some damage in Rox's booth too! I spy a great green carrier and a nice slip pitcher. I went to the Antique mall in Idaho yesterday and there were so many empty booths it was sad. I really hope they don't close! Seems like a long drive you have to get there, but I am sure you will do well. You are very talented! Have fun sewing!

Carmen C. said...

Rhonda~ glad you made the trip safely and your booth looks like a treasure trove of goodies, congrats and hope you have lots of sales:)

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Rhonda, Congratulations for the new step! Your booth looks awesoe. I can see beuatiful things on it. Your BF had amazing things too. Good luck!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How exciting! We all wish we were close enough to shop at your new place! Enjoy your weekend!

Beckyjean said...

Congrats on your new adventure. Your booth looks wonderful. I may have to make the trip to check it out if it's not too far from the Milwaukee area.

Good luck!! Becky

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How I'd love to visit that mall, your booth looks wonderful and I know you will sell so much! Good Luck on this new adventure!

Doonan Family said...

I am so proud of you! Your booth looks awesome. I am so thankful you can post so I get to see it. I believe God has opened this door for you. All His Blessings for success!! Love you sis!

upnorth said...

Sorry I didn't get down to see you while here in Spooner! Your booth looks so cute! I will wonder downtown soon and check everything out! Blessings, Earl

the primitive country bug said...

Oh my it looks like a piece of prim heaven. I so wish I lived closer so I could come shop!
That butt'ry is amazing!! Did you buy that to sell or was it there for your use? I don't think I could let that piece go. I have the perfect spot for it... :)
Best wishes to you for much success. I'm sure you'll do wonderful.
Hugs~ Birgit

Simply... said...

It looks wonderful Rhonda, as everything you do always does. I hope you sell tons of stuff. -Vicki

WoolenSails said...

I wish I could come to that mall, lots of goodies I would love to have. Your booth looks wonderful and love that bench.