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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year And Plans For 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I hope you all enjoyed this first day of beginnings is what I see for us all. (I know I look like a dork but I couldn't resist posting this pic)

I am very excited for this year. I see a lot of new opportunities and new frontiers to explore. First off, I will be turning 50 years old in May and that alone is new territory for me. I don't look at it as 50 years is 50 years young and am excited to become all I can be at 50.

Secondly, Brent and I have decided to build our new home this Spring on the 40 acres we purchased in Spooner last Fall. It will be a little piece of heaven for us!!!!!!! As you all know, we have been in a rental for going on 2 years now waiting for this marsh thing here in Wi Rapids to come into FULL bloom. Well, it is looking like they are postponing the marsh house and shop once again for who knows how long. So the rental is what is home here in Rapids for now. We can not control what they decide to do but we can control what we do for our future and that for us is to have a HOME OF OUR OWN!!!!!! I don't know where the road will lead from here as far as this marsh job but I do know that in the Spring, 2010, Brent and I will have our OWN HOME. We can have the best of both worlds as I look at it....a HOME in Spooner where our HOME will always be...and a house to live in while we live and work here in Rapids. I guess our new house will be like a cabin until we retire and come home to Spooner for good. Lives a journey, gotta love it:)

The spot we have picked out to start clearing this Spring for our new home!!!!

Here is a picture similar to the house we are planning on building. Our house will be a bit bigger then this one and will not be this color (I don't like this color at all). We are still deciding on a color for our house, we have til Spring. We are still in the beginning stages on this project and I get so excited with every step we take.

Another venture in 2010 for me is that I rented a booth at an antique mall in Spooner and I will be filling it up with all my handmade items with a mix of antiques that I find during my travels. I am excited for this new adventure, it will kinda be like having my own little store, something I have always wanted. I have a lot to learn about managing my little booth but am very ready and willing to get started.

I am going to make a sewing resolution for 2010. In 2010 I am going to start making my western show clothes again. I really love envisioning the designs in my head and the challenge of getting them to transfer from my head to my hands. I will have to say that garment sewing is my first love....and I really miss it. But because all my show clothes fabrics are still packed away in some storage building or trailer, I have kept moving forward with my primitives. I LOVE making my prim dolls mind you....I just miss garment sewing sometimes.

Here is a couple shirts I made for my girlfriend and her daughter. Tons of crystals on these two beauties.

I call this one the Callie

And this one I named the Lisa

I made this one and sold it one ebay...I have sold many of my shirts on ebay...maybe I will do that again this year.

Here is one of my favorites, when I started cutting out the lambskin leather designs for this shirt and started playing with the designs and was not real sure if I liked it. I decided to keep plugin away with it and this is how it turned out. I was pleasantly surprised. You would certainly stand out on the rail wearing this one of a kind creation.

A view of the back, lots of crystals on this one too

a close up of my lambskin leather applique.

I loved this one also, it was so slimming

I found the fabric for this shirt at the sewing expo in Minneapolis, MN. I loved it so much I bought the whole bolt. I made many many shirts like this and was very sad when I ran out of this fabric. It was a real HIT!!!!

But I have to say, this one was my all time favorite!!! I also made pants to match this shirt for showmanship classes. I named this one the Jordyn.

Well, enough of going down memory lane.

The most important commitment I am making this new year is to study my bible and to journal what God is showing me each day. I used to do this years ago faithfully. When I read my old journals, I can see how God's hand guided me and was teaching me his ways. I want ears to hear and eyes to see God and I will not get that if I don't spend time with him....I want to hear his voice more then anything this year!!!!!

My Bible that I have had for many years. I have many other Bibles but I always seem to come back to this's my favorite I guess.

The other day I made myself a little spot in the spare room to study and read my Bible. It's quiet and peaceful and that's what I need to concentrate.

I found this cool old chair for $19 at the Goodwill last week. I goes so well with the old table Brent and I bought at an antique shop down the road from us a couple months ago.

Last but certainly not least, I want to spend more time with my awesome grandson's Noah and Carson. I LOVE them with ALL MY HEART and miss not seeing them more because we live so far apart. I want to teach them about Jesus and let them know how much JESUS loves them!!!!

Well, now that I have spilled my guts and possibly bored you all the death, I am going to head to bed so I can be well rested for the busy weekend I have ahead of me.
God Bless you all......Rhonda


Alana Jo said...

Happy New Year!

You soooo don't look 50.

Good luck with the booth and the sewing. You are very talented.

I hope 2010 is a great year for you!

In His service, Anne said...

Love your picture...not dorkie at all!! I agree you don't look 50. Your work is amazing..that is real!! Love Love your prim dolls too, they are perfect. Kiddies are so cute love that little bomber jacket.
Have a great New Year!!

Carmen C. said...

Your grandsons are so precious and those shirts you make are beautiful, what talent you have!!!! DO NOT look like a dork! You have a wonderful smile to welcome in the new year and you certainly DO NOT look even close to 50!!!! Congrats on the booth:)

PrimWyoGirl said...

Happy New Year Rhonda! Good luck with your booth! I know you will do well. Your western clothes would sell well around my area! It is very western here in Jackson, WY. They are beautiful! Enjoy your grandkids!

peggy said...

Not at all boring...exciting I would say. Those children are so sweet and the western shirts are so nice. I can't imagine how much work they must be. I just wanted to wish you luck with your craft booth and hope that we will see some pictures. I have had a craft mall booth for some years now, sometimes I think I must give it up but my friend says hers makes her happy and so does mine even with the slow economy here in Michigan. It will be so much fun for you to decorate and change around and you will meet new people, I think you will love doing it. And you are right to read His Word, it will inspire you when nothing else will. Best wishes.

the primitive country bug said...

How exciting for you and your hubby to be building a new home. It will be beautiful! That's almost exactly like the style of our house we built over 10 years ago. I love it!
You don't look 50 at all and certainly not "dorkie". LOL! You've got lots of great plans for 2010... may they all be fulfilled and multiplied with many blessings.

You've got quite a gift for creating western clothes too. Amazing!
Blessings to you~ Birgit