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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monster Marathon In Minneapolis, MN

What a weekend!!!!! I enjoyed being with family so much!!!!! Alyssa and I arrived at my sister's house Friday night around 7 pm. She planned a going away party for my nephew Shane who is heading to boot camp in California, today actually. She made the best homemade spaghetti ever!!!! My Mom and Ray made the trip also to say theirs goodbye's. After we ate, we sat around together reminiscing about old times and just enjoyed being together as a family. I don't think I have laughed that hard for a long time...we really are a bunch of nuts!!!!!

Saturday morning we were up at 5am...the kids had a race to run. My daughters Alyssa and Kara signed up for the Monster dash marathon a couple months ago. This is Kara's first race ever. Her sister, Alyssa the marathon runner, talked her into it. Kara didn't really know what to expect...I thought this will be the race that will determine if she HATES running or LOVES it!!!! And guess what....SHE LOVES IT!!!! My daughters both have had their preferred sports. Kara's has always been riding and showing horses. Alyssa did show horses for about 5 years but learned that running was her passion. Well, Alyssa finally got Kara to join her in running....good going are persistent. At the party, Kara talked Shane into running the race with them. So his signed up and ran his little heart out......he is such a good sport.

Alyssa, Shane, and Kara...we arrived at the race at the crack of dawn as you can see :)

My sister and Shane....Sheilda's dressed like an was sooo cold

Kara and Alyssa before the race....Alyssa's a goof ball!!!!!

Sisters Forever!!!!!

Alyssa lined up and ready to run!!!!! Alyssa ran the 13 mile

Alyssa finishing her liddy run, we are so proud of you!!!!!

Shane and Kara lined up and ready to run their race. They ran the 3 mile

Shane finishing his race....he did awesome!!!!!

Kara finishing her race...she is all smiles...great job sweetie!!!!!!

Here is the gang after our awesome day together. I am not in the picture..I was the photographer.

My girls were pooped!!!! But what an accomplishment and they did it together!!!!!!

Shane was ready to roll...that's why he is a Marine :)

After we got home, my sister gave Shane a jump start on his Military hair cut. This is the last picture of the cousins being together for awhile. But what a FUN and memorable day we had!!!!!!

Cousins saying goodbye....We love you Shane and will be praying for you..can't wait til you come back home!!!!!!

Well, that's about I'm back home and priming...I will have pictures to share later. Have a great day everyone....and if you would please say a prayer for my nephew Shane...I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! God Bless....Rhonda


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Rhonda!....Thank you for visiting my blog!....yes they are Black Crow Candles and this is the first time I've tried them, you're right, they're great! Now I want to try more scents! LOL

Looks like you had a fun weekend, a marathon wow!

Have a wonderful week!

upnorth said...

I loved the pics!! It was nice to see your family!! I'm so glad the girls and Shane had fun!! Earl