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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Show Done...One To Go

What a wonderful weekend we had, it was sooooo nice to be home!!!!! The craft show at the Legion Hall was a success. I will say that it was a bit slower then last year, we are hoping that next weekend's show at the Methodist Church, there will be more ladies out and about. I was still very happy with what I sold. The reindeer and Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were the hot item, I have more in the making right now for the weekend show. My sister's hot item was her homemade jelly and salsa...the ladies LOVED it. She pretty much sold out of her jelly and has only a few jars of salsa left for this weekend show.

I got to meet in person one of my blog friends at the show, Justina from Pepper Creek Gatherings . Her creations are so prim and soooo adorable, right up my alley!!!!! We traded a few items so I am now the proud owner of some of her Christmas creations. Justina is so nice and I look forward to keeping in touch with her. It's so nice to have prim friends!!!!!!

My girlfriend Lisa from Primitive Sign Company custom made me this sign for my booth. Thank you Lisa, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I brought some of Lisa's sign to sell at the show. Her signs were very popular and went really well!!!!!!

A view of our booth

We didn't have a lot of space so we kinda had to cram things in. We had ALOT of stuff that's for sure!!!! We still had stuff in bins under the table to get out as stuff sold down.

My prim snowmen ornaments

One of Lisa's signs mixed in with my prims

A view of our full table

Earleen is one of my friends from Spooner. I used to work with Earl at Economart and I miss her and my job very much!!!!!! She had fudge to sell and definitely was the HOT booth. She pretty much sold out of her fudge. I traded a Santa for a pan but I left it at my daughters...too dangerous for me to bring it back to Rapids!!!!!! It was so nice to spend the day with her and I am so glad she had a good day at the show. Earl LOVES to cook...follow Earl's cooking tips and recipes at Mimi's Kitchen.

A few ladies shopping in our booth.

Some of our door dolls

Door doll close up

While I was at the show, my husband was out hunting on our land we bought late this fall. He got his buck.....actually my daughter's buck. My daughter wanted a deer this year so he got her one. We are going to head back to Spooner tomorrow for Thanksgiving and he will continue to hunt, he needs to get one more.

Today I need to finish up some prims and also clean my house and do laundry. We also have an appointment to finalize our house plans for our new house that we are going to start building on our land in Spooner this Spring....I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I will keep you all posted.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless....Rhonda


PrimWyoGirl said...

Rhonda, your booth is amazing! I wish I could have been there. One of everything for me! What do you do with your leftovers? I think I remember you have a store? Love your snowmen! Good luck to you with the next one! Happy Thanksgiving!

upnorth said...

Hope to see you on Saturday! I will have 3 little girls with me to look at everything!! It was so fun to be with you and sis! See you soon! Earlene

Doonan Family said...

Good job sis! I am so glad we can do this together. You are the BEST! Hope we sell lots on Saturday.

TeresaM said...

Your booth looks so nice!!! Glad to hear you had a great show! Looking forward to following your blog!