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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making Some Progress and Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Hello everyone....I have been able to make some sense of all the doll bodies I have laying around my living room and work area. Here are a few of my finished results. I am pretty happy so far with them and am only hoping to keep the momentum going, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

This Friday, I am going to pick my daughter up from college and we are heading to Minneapolis, MN for a marathon her and her sister are running in on Saturday. As bad as Kara and Alyssa would like me to join them in the run, I am the cheerleader and photographer. I told them I have a lot of training to do before I could ever think of trying a marathon....maybe someday :)

Also while we are in the cities this weekend, our family will be sending off my sisters only child, Shane. He enlisted in the Marines last Spring and is leaving for California to go through boot camp. I am very proud of him and pray God will keep him safe and protected. Please say a prayer for Shane as he serves our Country with a willing heart. We LOVE you Shane!!!

My nephew Shane and my sister Sheilda..and melodies dog butt...sorry

Back to the prims......

Here is another items finished....I really like this and hope it is a good seller.

This little guy just needs a hat....maybe today he will get one :)

I LOVE this Frosty hat with mice, I need to give it a good dusting of cinnamon to finish the look. I made witch hats like these for Fall and they were a real hit. I am hoping for the same results with Frosty.

More work in progress....the cat still needs a face. In the background, horses painted black waiting for legs, faces, mane and tails.

I know this looks like a mess but it is really my work for today. Go to Leslie's blog and fill us in on what your working on today. God Bless...Rhonda


LeeHillPrimitives said...

WOOOOW, You have a lot of projects. Everything looks nice, can't wait to see finish results. The snowman are beautiful.

Janene said...

I know that I definately wasn't disappointed in my witches hat you sent me!
I love the tiered snowman...I think the hat with the mice would look good on him...what do you think?
And how much would something like that cost?
You are so creative...I love your stuff.
If you ever want to do a swap just let me know!
Have a fantastic day!

Doonan Family said...

Awesome job sis! I LOVE them all, especially Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Can't wait to see you on Friday. I am so glad to have the support as we send Shane off.

alyssa said...

I love how you have the "Windsor Club" sign with Mary and Joseph.
See you soon!

In His service, Anne said...

Everything is so cute!! I do loove the mice on the hat :)

Justina said...

Hi Rhonda.. I have been looking at your blog forever now, and I am a follower. I read somewhere earlier, that you are doing two shows in spooner in November? Are you by chance doing the one on Nov. 7th at the elementary school and the legion on the 21st? My mom and I will be doing those shows. Maybe I'll look you up :0) Your stuff looks wonderfully prim! Justina

Leslie said...

You are always sooo busy! Even if you don't think you've made a lot of progress some weeks, you really have! Your things are so cute. The Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus is such a creative idea! So cute!

Have a great night :)


upnorth said...

Hey, girl the snowmen are so......stinkin cute, adorable and huggable!!! I want one!!! See you soon!! I'll be praying for everyone over the weekend! Earl