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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatch Workin On Wednesday

A Tote full of Progress

I did the usual house work first thing this morning....laundry, dishes, vacuum, all the regular stuff. It is very hard for me to create when I have house work to do....I feel so unorganized and confused. Doing my daily chores clears my mind and helps me to stay focused. Anyway, after doing all that it was time to head to my work room to finished up some of my projects I have been working on all week.

I have been working on prairie dolls lately, they are so fun and so prim!!!! This little gal is my favorite, she turned out so cute. I used a vintage embroidered linen for her apron and a man's shirt I got at the thrift store for her dress.

These little Valentine letters are my newest adventure, the pattern is from Aunt Manny's Creations. I started these this afternoon and finished them up tonight. They were kind of a struggle though. The letters are made out of a muslin fabric and the pattern calls for iron on transfer paper to be used for putting the address, stamps and kiss on the letter. You print the image on the transfer paper and then iron the image onto your fabric......well, it just didn't work worth-a-hoot. The image kept peeling up and looking half on half I ended up hand writing the To: and From: address. I finally got the stamps and kiss to look for my first few tries making these letters, it went o:k but I think I can improve on the process.

I am going to make a trip to town and stop at the rubber stamping store and see if I can find some rubber stamps to use instead. I think that would work much better, so we'll see.

That's pretty much it for today

We are suppose to be getting some very cold weather tonight...21 below zero with wind chills of 30-35 below. They have already canceled school for tomorrow so you know we are gearing up for a dandy when they cancel school the night before. I am so thankful for my nice warm bed on nights like these. God is soooooooooooo Good!!!!

Hope everyone had a BLESSED and productive day.

God Bless and always remember "JESUS LOVES YOU".....Rhonda


~Beth~ said...

I love these dolls! Very cute!

Wendy said...

I LOVE your prairie dolls!! They are gorgeous!! I enjoyed visiting you!:0) Wendy

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the prairie dolls and also how you find the fabric at the TS.
Makes them even more fun to make:)

Leslie said...

I love your dolls and Valentine's! Very, very cute!

I'm like you....I rush around here and get my housework done so I can create. I feel better knowing that that stuff is out of the way and I get the rest of the day to myself :D

Have a great day!


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Rhonda, I just adore you prairie dolls, and how you used repurposed cloth.

I just completed 2 of them and wouldn't you know, I forgot to take photos before I mailed them to their new homes.

I just love how yours look all sitting together. Now I need to make 5 more just for me!

Yes, God is so very good.